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Vivaldi browser for Raspberry Pi

Nerding with Vivaldi. Win a Raspberry Pi

Март 6, 2019

Are you a Raspberry Pi enthusiast? Here’s a way to show off your pet projects and win a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ set! We’ve got a great contest for you. Read on.

Using the Filter Obscure to hide sensitive content on your screen when inactive

How to hide private content from your screen?

Февраль 28, 2019

Do you worry that others might see private information you’re viewing on your screen? Let’s talk about Vivaldi’s screen privacy filter – Filter Obscure.

How many websites do you visit per day?

How many websites do you visit each day?

Февраль 26, 2019

The number of websites we visit per day has skyrocketed. But do you know how many websites exactly you visit each day? Vivaldi can tell you just that.

Managing Passwords in your browser

How to manage passwords in Vivaldi?

Февраль 20, 2019

When you enter a new password on a website, Vivaldi will ask to save it. That’s because Vivaldi has support for managing passwords. Let’s find out how that works.

A minimalist Vivaldi browser interface

Fight screen clutter with Vivaldi

Февраль 18, 2019

Screen clutter can harm your productivity more than you think. Unclutter and see the benefits, including the icing on the cake – the coveted extra screen real estate.

Screen captures in Vivaldi

Three ways to use screen captures

Февраль 11, 2019

Screen captures are widely used for work and play. Here we give you some tips on how to make the most out of Vivaldi’s Capture feature.

Exploit that bug: The untold story of Auto-Stacking

Февраль 7, 2019

Vivaldi is the first browser to introduce auto tab stacking, but did you know that it owes its life to a good karma bug?

Auto-Stacking tabs in Vivaldi browser, 3D graphic of robot arm

Le navigateur Vivaldi présente l’empilement automatique d’onglets

Февраль 6, 2019

La première mise à jour de 2019 est arrivée. Elle inclut un empilement automatique d’onglets, une barre d’adresses améliorée et plus encore.

Auto-Stacking tabs in Vivaldi browser, 3D graphic of robot arm

Vivaldi browser introduces Auto-Stacking of Tabs

Февраль 4, 2019

The first release of 2019 has arrived. The new update launches Auto-Stacking of Tabs and addresses the Address Field and more.

The 4-year challenge

Январь 18, 2019

OMG! 4 years gone by! We are celebrating Vivaldi’s 4th anniversary next weekend. And we have a challenge for you. Well, it’s not what you are thinking! We aren’t interested in your wrinkles!