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Online communities represented by emojis interacting with each other.

Keep calm and carry on (online)

April 1, 2020

We look at how the web has saved the day and helped communities around the world carry on.

Man on an armchair working remotely.

Here’s why Vivaldi is the best browser for working remotely

März 19, 2020

Like many around the globe, currently, the entire Vivaldi team is working remotely. Here’s why the browser we make is the best browser for remote work (if we may say so ourselves)!

Tor Odland joins Vivaldi as Chief Marketing Officer

März 16, 2020

OSLO, Norway – March 16th, 2020: Vivaldi Technologies steps up its marketing efforts by hiring Tor Odland as its first Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), just as the five-year-old company gets ready to launch a new version of its desktop product and take its mobile browser out of beta. “I’m joining Vivaldi to fight for users […]

Man protects personal information online

5 ways to protect personal information online

März 13, 2020

With data collection, user profiling, hacker attacks, and security breaches on the rise, our devs share their best advice on how to protect personal information online.

Google Earth shows how to use split screen with locations of iconic beaches.

Three ways to use Google Earth with Vivaldi browser

März 6, 2020

If you’ve only used Google Earth on Chrome or a VR headset, it’s time to try some unique ways of looking at the earth. Here we show you how to use Google Earth with Vivaldi browser.

Illustration showing Picture in Picture feature of Vivaldi Browser

The Vivaldi browser improves Pop-out video

Februar 12, 2020

Watch videos independently of the page where you found them, match OS themes better, navigate quicker – all this and more in Vivaldi 2.11.

Illustration showing Picture in Picture feature of Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi 2.11 с улучшенной функцией откреплённого видео

Februar 11, 2020

Просмотр откреплённого видео, поддержка системного расписания смены тем оформления, улучшенная навигация – это и многое другое в новой версии браузера Vivaldi

Illustration showing Picture in Picture feature of Vivaldi Browser

Le navigateur Vivaldi améliore le détachement des vidéos

Februar 11, 2020

OSLO, le 12 février 2020 : Le navigateur Vivaldi sort en version 2.11 pour ordinateur, sa première mise à jour de l’année. La nouvelle version offre à ses utilisateurs un nouveau mode de détachement de vidéo amélioré afin qu’ils puissent regarder des vidéos en dehors de la page où ils les ont trouvées. Détachement des […]

Number five surrounded by plants and flowers

How we stand up to giants 

Januar 27, 2020

Five years after we launched our first technical preview, we share how we forged our way in an industry dominated by giants.  

Linux logo next to Windows logo

Is Linux more secure than Windows?

Januar 22, 2020

While neither Linux or Windows can claim to be 100% bulletproof, the perceived wisdom is that Linux is more secure than Windows. We try to find out if that’s the case.

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