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  • Issues with Sync?

    Most sync issues have been resolved during the past few days. The servers have been juiced up and it should be running smoothly. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. In case you still have some issue please check our trouble shooting page.

  • Having issues with registration and logging into the Vivaldi Community (vivaldi.net)

    Haven’t received the account confirmation email?

    • Make sure a valid email address was entered in the registration form.
    • Check all mailbox folders, including the spam folder, for an email with the title “Vivaldi.net – Account Confirmation”.


    Forgot the password and now the account is locked?

    When you’ve tried to log in with the wrong password 5 times, your account will get temporarily locked. In that case wait 5 minutes and then send yourself a password reset email.


    See Help Page
  • How can I change my Vivaldi.net account's recovery email address?

    Currently we have to change your account’s recovery email for you. In order to do that, please tell us the username, the current recovery email address and the email address you wish to have.

    If you have multiple Vivaldi accounts make sure the new recovery email isn’t already linked to another account. Also, the recovery email can’t be the same as the account’s Vivaldi email.

  • How to install Flash Player for Vivaldi?

    Vivaldi browser uses the Pepper version of Flash (PPAPI) that Chromium or Chrome uses. If you are noticing a “Couldn’t load plugin” or “You need to have the Adobe Flash Player to view this content” message in these browsers when you tried to view flash-content on web pages, then you have to install Pepper Flash, follow the instructions on our Flash help page to install Flash player in Vivaldi browser.


    See Help Page

Comment gérons-nous vos données ?

Nous utilisons Helpscout pour gérer les messages qui nous sont envoyés via ce formulaire. Nous avons désactivé son intégration complète des contacts et nous ne verrons que le contenu que vous soumettez dans le formulaire. Lorsque vous aurez soumis votre message, notre équipe de support le consultera et vous répondra dès que possible (normalement dans un délai de 2 à 3 jours ouvrables).

Pour en savoir plus sur la façon dont vos données sont traitées par Helpscout, veuillez consulter leur politique de confidentialité.

Pour en savoir plus sur notre politique de confidentialité et sur le logiciel tiers que nous utilisons, veuillez consulter notre page de ressources concernant la confidentialité : vivaldi.com/privacy


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