Changelog – Vivaldi browser 6.1


  • [New][Client Hints] Bing chat only works if you manually identify as Edge (VB-96016)
  • [New][Client Hints] Make Google Chrome the default Client Hints Brand (VB-96837)
  • [New][Workspaces][Tab bar] Add ability to re-arrange Workspaces (VB-96725)
  • [New][Workspaces] Add a scrollbar for long workspace list (VB-97675)
  • [New][Performance] Increase speed by hiding process identity (VB-96068)
  • [New][Bookmarks] Simplify UI for Add Bookmark (VB-91681)
  • [New][Calendar] Event invitation dialog refresh (VB-95463)
  • [New][Tabs][Menus] Copy Links from selected tabs or Tab Stacks (VB-96011)

Address Bar

  • [Address bar] Down arrow triggers a search for a URL (VB-96611)
  • [Address bar][Settings] Add setting to disable domain autocomplete (VB-97497)
  • [Address bar][Settings] With native windows and tabs not on top the Vivaldi menu button is overlapped (VB-97898)


  • [Bookmarks] Description overwritten when selecting next item (VB-96869)
  • [Bookmarks] Dialog height and overflow is wrong (VB-97181)
  • [Bookmarks] On adding, the title and description may be wrong (VB-97001)
  • [Bookmarks] Reenable autocomplete in Bookmark editor (VB-95418)
  • [Speed dial] Context menu doesn’t work within folder (VB-96788)


  • [Clock] Add button to remove all past timers (VB-73261)
  • [Clock] Can’t set an alarm for 0:00 (VB-72634)
  • [Clock] Display alarm name in clock button (VB-66062)
  • [Clock] Dropdown progress display issues (VB-96667)
  • [Clock] In countdown mode it displays both progress and clock hands (VB-96666)
  • [Clock] Japanese AM/PM info in Alarm setting is cut off (VB-86596)
  • [Clock] Unable to set arbitrary alarm time (VB-68724)
  • [Clock] “Start” alarm button should be named “Set” (VB-89240)


  • [Downloads] Display ‘save to’ location in dialog (VB-97806)
  • [Downloads] Panel should not open when it is removed (VB-96883)


  • [Extensions] Popup is displayed incorrectly when placed in the status bar (VB-96761)
  • [Extensions][Keyboard] Shortcuts don’t work (VB-14668)


  • [macOS] Fullscreen incorrectly restored after restart (VB-93085)
  • [macOS] Navigation buttons overflow the toolbar with a high UI zoom (VB-96552)


  • [Panels] Address field’s dropdown in panel shows incorrectly (VB-96292)
  • [Panels] Window Panel audio icon broken (VB-84092)
  • [Windows Panel] Window/Workspace root level reports wrong number of tabs (VB-96966)
  • [Windows Panel][Workspaces] SVG icons missing (VB-97872)

Quick Commands

  • [Quick Commands] Focus is not set correctly after executing quick command
  • [Quick Commands] Scroll bar on Quick Commands is not working (VB-97176)
  • [Quick Commands] Use correct search term when filtering history (VB-69148)
  • [Quick Commands] ‘Show close tabs’ does nothing when the trash can icon is disabled (VB-97350)
  • [Quick Commands][Extensions] Triggering hidden extensions from gets a weird position (VB-97669)


  • [Search] Remove Neeva as an included search engine (VB-97712)
  • [Search] Suggestions don’t go over the whole width when Address bar is a Pop-Up (VB-90423)


  • [Settings] Content blocker settings should scroll to focus (VB-79063)
  • [Settings] “About Vivaldi” entry has the chrome icon (VB-97214)


  • [Sync][Profiles] Not possible to Sign In to Sync from Profile switcher (VB-97382)
  • [Sync][Speed dial][Bookmarks] Custom thumbnails lost and can not be set permanently (VB-97562)


  • [Tab Bar] Drag to search in a stacks’ tab tab should open the tab inside the stack (VB-97801)
  • [Tab Bar] Dragging a tab which plays sound from inside a tab stack to outside of it keeps the audio icon playing (VB-97784)
  • [Tab bar] Dragging and dropping text to the new tab button to search doesn’t work (VB-96951)
  • [Tabs] Reduce initial tab bar animation (VB-97075)
  • [Tabs] Untile Tabs missing from Tab’s context menu (VB-96526)


  • [Themes] Add border between Navigation and Tab bar (VB-96438)
  • [Themes] Various high contrast mode fixes (VB-96360)

User Profiles

  • [Profiles] Avatar window for new profiles has empty space (VB-97665)
  • [Profiles] Center align buttons in Profile dialog (VB-97661)


  • [Windows][Installer] On upgrade task bar icons are broken (VB-97113)
  • [Windows][Installer][Keyboard] Focus issue – opens Privacy Policy instead of “Accept and Install” (VB-97561)
  • [Windows][Settings] Empty space on top of address bar if Native Window and Tab Bar at left (VB-97830)
  • [Windows][Settings] Remove tab spacing in maximized window does not work (VB-97013)


  • [Workspaces] Can become empty (VB-96594)
  • [Workspaces] Change “Copy Address” to “Copy Link” (VB-96550)
  • [Workspaces] Context menu open in another workspace not working properly (VB-96622)
  • [Workspaces] Deleting a workspace creates an empty restored workspace (VB-97833)
  • [Workspaces] List items have a darker background on dark themes (VB-97950)
  • [Workspaces] Open the active page’s workspace on start (VB-96702)
  • [Workspaces] Switch workspaces with a single click (VB-97084)
  • [Workspaces] Tabs can end up duplicated in invisible workspaces (VB-97549)
  • [Workspaces] Unable to move Tab to Separate Window from within Tab Stack when using the new Workspaces Feature (VB-97355)
  • [Workspaces] Workspace names should not be translated (VB-96937)
  • [Workspaces][Popout Video] Back to tab from PiP opens in wrong workspace (VB-95084)
  • [Workspaces][Settings] Disable and Warn users with options other than “Startup with Last Session” (VB-95507)


  • [Crash] On (VB-97476)
  • [Crash] On startup (VB-97192)
  • [Crash] When opening a warning dialog for external app URL (e.g windows feedback) (VB-97125)
  • [Crash][Developer Tools] Crash when closing tab after undocking (VB-97557)
  • [Crash][Developer Tools] When closing recently undocked devtools window (VB-97822)
  • [Crash][Extensions] My browser crashes when I try to open a tab with an extension (VB-97546)
  • [Crash][Extensions] iCloud Passwords extension cannot be deleted (VB-97170)
  • [Crash][macOS] Adding Google account in system settings causes crash (VB-95984)
  • [Crash][macOS] When screen locked / revived from hibernate (VB-95776)


  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 114.0.5735.118
  • [Developer tools] Opened as background of Startpage (VB-97133)
  • [History] Column headers of History month view unstable when searching (VB-96479)
  • [Icons] The New Note and Screenshot button icons are too similar (VB-92823)
  • [Performance] More responsive list views (VB-97641)
  • [Periodic reload] “Disable All” periodic reloads should only apply to the active workspace tabs or web panel tabs (VB-96383)
  • [Popout Video] PiP indicator uses the chromecast icon instead (VB-96898)
  • [Reader Mode] Styling not always applied (VB-96954)
  • [Toolbars] Editor needs a label for the default toolbar (VB-95850)
  • [UI Zoom][Address bar] Glitch on OS buttons when address bar is hidden (VB-96873)
  • [UI] White flash on browser start (VB-92622)
  • [Update notifier] Button and dialog update (VB-97352)
  • [Vivaldia] Game is blurry (VB-77929)
  • [Welcome] Add favicon to the Welcome Page (VB-97104)

Mail, Calendar and Feeds 1.6


  • [Calendar] Cannot change tabs in inline editing (VB-97338)
  • [Calendar] Copy paste pastes in wrong place in day and week view (VB-96591)
  • [Calendar] Error handling when removing calendar account (VB-97183)
  • [Calendar] Event duplicated on click outside (VB-97110)
  • [Calendar] Event editor instantly closes (VB-97080)
  • [Calendar] Filter file picker for iCal files (VB-73076)
  • [Calendar] Move Today button between Previous and Next buttons (VB-97377)
  • [Calendar] New Event – Warn if no calendar is found (VB-95805)
  • [Calendar] Recurring event exception showing up at exception date in day view (VB-93442)
  • [Calendar] Recurring events get UTC instead of specified timezone (VB-97781)
  • [Calendar] Reminder improvements: snooze in longer units than minutes, Show date when event is different day, etc. (VB-95985)
  • [Calendar] WebCal can not be added in Settings without password and username (VB-96723)
  • [Calendar] Wrong hour format in Calendar Status (VB-93246)
  • [Calendar][Mail] Share same refresh and access_tokens for OAuth (VB-95258)
  • [Calendar][Settings] Skip download prompt when “Open ICS files in Vivaldi” enabled (VB-97411)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Repeat being available for a task with no due date is confusing (VB-92084)


  • [Feeds] All Atom 0.3 feed dates read as 1970-01-01 (VB-97744)
  • [Feeds] Hide Reply-To/From mismatch warning for feed items (VB-97703)
  • [Feeds] Offline accounts and RSS feeds removed from panel after update (VB-96072)
  • [Feeds] RSS and OPML preview enhancements: Fix empty titles, sans-serif font, emoji, tracking pixels (VB-97243)
  • [Feeds][Mail] Offline accounts and RSS feeds removed from panel after update (VB-96072)
  • [Feeds][Settings] Merge feeds’ Offline checkbox into the Refresh Interval drop-down as “Never” (VB-97434)


  • [Mail] After importing from Opera Mail, those with attachments are not flagged as such (VB-96659)
  • [Mail] Body not rendered for multipart messages with missing end-boundary (VB-97433)
  • [Mail] Changing a query filter does not remove messages that no longer match (VB-97242)
  • [Mail] Clarify deletions in empty trash confirmation dialog (VB-96971)
  • [Mail] Error in console when disabling Mail during IMAP sync (VB-96974)
  • [Mail] Fixes for marking and unmarking junk (VB-96789)
  • [Mail] Keyboard shortcut to collapse all threads triggers with modifiers (VB-96993)
  • [Mail] Labels, date, size, and attachment columns are misaligned with the column headers in horizontal view (VB-97585)
  • [Mail] List view column headers and entries misaligned (VB-97585)
  • [Mail] OAuth Fixes for Outloook / Hotmail (VB-97248)
  • [Mail] Panel not updated after subscribing to a feed through preview (VB-97442)
  • [Mail] Panel not updated when setting up first POP3 account (VB-96466)
  • [Mail] Panel shows no accounts briefly on startup (VB-97340)
  • [Mail] OAuth being prompted too often (VB-96662)
  • [Mail] mailto: links not working (VB-97610)