Digital Trends | Vivaldi browser now packs a History feature to dig into your browsing habits

März 29, 2017

Vivaldi’s new History feature strives to be a more useful tool than what is provided in competing web browsers.

Techie + Gamers | Former Opera CEO Builds Vivaldi, a Powerful Web Browser

März 27, 2017

Jon Von Tetzchener, former CEO of Opera browser, has launched a new way to browse the web. It’s called Vivaldi and it’s designed to customize the browser to fit your way of working––a true personal browser.

SmartUp | Vivaldi, The People’s Browser: An Interview with Jon von Tetzchner

März 27, 2017

Jon von Tetzchner is an imposing man with a grand ambition: to build the people’s browser.

CNET | ​Vivaldi wants to make your web browsing history useful

März 16, 2017

The next version of the browser sports a calendar-like tool to help you rediscover that viral video you saw a few weeks ago.

Technode about Vivaldi

Tecnode | Building a browser community: Q&A with Jon von Tetzchner

März 10, 2017

Being an entrepreneur is all about realizing the long cherished vision regardless of the difficulty of the process. For Jon von Tetzchner, that vision is to build the most powerful browser for users.

The Register about Vivaldi

The Register | Vivaldi and me: Just browsing? Nah, I’m sold

Februar 8, 2017

This power browser has turned seriously useful.

Computerworld logo

Computerworld | Boutique browser maker to Microsoft: ‚Stop stealing the default‘ in Windows 10

Januar 26, 2017

Vivaldi CEO knocks Microsoft for restoring Edge as the default browser after major OS updates.

Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner

ZDnet | Windows 10’s Edge must stop stealing the browser default, says Vivaldi CEO

Januar 25, 2017

Vivaldi’s Jon von Tetzchner has called on Microsoft to stop trying to foist Edge on Windows 10 users.

Vivaldi team photo in Iceland

Ars Technica | Vivaldi is building “Opera as it should’ve been”

Januar 16, 2017

In case you haven’t heard about Vivaldi before, it’s a Chromium-based “non-conformist” desktop Web browser that goes in the opposite direction to the mainstream. While the major players like Chrome or Firefox are stripping the browser to its bare essentials, Vivaldi offers more and more integrated features and customisation options.

Webdesignerdepot | The big interview: Jon von Tetzchner talks Vivaldi

Dezember 22, 2016

In an in-depth interview, we talk about everything from why Vivaldi is good for web designers to how many users it has and if the Internet of Things is something the company will focus on, going forward.

WindowsAble | Vivaldi adds tab notifications, improved tab stacking, and more in its latest update

Dezember 16, 2016

Vivaldi can’t be a browser for everyone by itself – everyone has to make Vivaldi into a browser for themselves; Vivaldi only offers the ability to do so, with its incredible layout customization engine and a mind-numbing amount of features that can be turned on or off with a click.

Betanews | Vivaldi ends the year with a series of tab-related improvements

Dezember 15, 2016

Version 1.6 – available for Mac, Windows and Linux – debuts three new features, all revolving around the browser’s flexible tab management system. The highlight of these is the new tab notification feature