Changelog – Vivaldi browser 6.0


[New] Enable Workspaces
[New][Themes][Icons] Allow for icon customisation in themes (VB-90222)
[New][Mail][Drag-and-drop] Allow dragging a mail to a label, flags, custom folders (VB-56533)

Address Bar

[Address bar] Adding a space in the URL field doesn’t unselect item (VB-95720)
[Address bar] Cannot hide address field with escape unless the input is focused (VB-67300)
[Address bar] Don’t autocomplete on domains for URLs found in bookmarks (VB-96153)
[Address bar] IDN-Domains are not shown as they should (VB-95111)
[Address bar] Misclassifies URL as search when auto-complete encounters second forward-slash (VB-96116)
[Address bar] Run wrong item when using search engine nickname (VB-95605)
[Address bar] Search not added to typed history from dropdown (VB-95284)
[Address bar] The address field is repositioned after loading extension buttons (VB-96098)
[Address bar] Typed history dropdown ignores first item (VB-95411)
[Address bar] Wrong item when going back to first item (VB-94960)


[Download] Executable downloads getting stuck (VB-96216)
[Downloads] Intentional download protection bypass breaks downloads when downloading from a private IP address (VB-94568)


[Extensions] Badge is not updated between windows (VB-83875)
[Extensions] Button not hidden when extensions aren’t enabled (VB-96230)
[Extensions] Event missing when opening links in new tabs (VB-94302)


[Languages] Add Catalan (VB-80698)
[Languages] Add Punjabi (VB-82009)


[Linux] Glitchy text on tab titles (VB-89891)
[Linux] “Show Quit Confirmation Dialog” option not bound to Ctrl+Q on Linux (VB-58771)


[macOS] Setting up a Gmail account via Mail app with Vivaldi as default browser you get a black window (VB-95984)
[macOS] Window controls overlap toolbar buttons with low UI zoom (VB-96372)
[macOS] Window does not restore to fullscreen after restart (VB-92099)
[macOS][Address bar][Zoom] Size should follow UI zoom (VB-95592)
[macOS][Menus] Show UI toggle in menu doesn’t update menu state (VB-94067)


[Notifications] Deduplicate identical, similar, and updated notifications (VB-95610)
[Notifications] “You have # new mails” doesn’t open Mail (VB-96386)


[Panels] Width not remembered when narrower than default (VB-93838)
[Panels] “Windows” panel is still named “Window” (VB-95329)

Quick Commands

[Quick Commands] Enabling both “Keep last entered value” and “open on nickname match” makes QC otherwise unusable (VB-94987)
[Quick Commands] First character sometimes gets swallowed with quick typing (VB-96214)


[Search] Change the default search engine to DuckDuckGo for unsupported regions
[Search] Esc hides search field popup if the text is unconfirmed (VB-92708)


[Sessions] Add command to toggle panel and menu container for session list (VB-96311)
[Sessions] Can’t close “Open session” with Escape key (VB-94780)


[Settings] Add a Setting to “Disable Title Bar”: needs further work (VB-51942)
[Settings] Add option to reset all toolbars (VB-94541)
[Settings] Change name of “Hide Title Bar when Tabs Are Not on Top” to “Show Title Bar” (VB-96318)
[Settings] Configure Client Hints Brand list [‘Sec-Ch-Ua’ in Network settings or via search]: work in progress (VB-95508)
[Settings] Enable ‘Hide Title Bar when Tabs Are Not on Top’ by Default (VB-96133)
[Settings] Start Page settings scrollbar doesn’t respect the “Use Simple Scrollbars” (VB-94791)
[Settings] Text overlaps in Sec-Ch-Ua (Client Hints) preview (VB-96563)
[Settings] Window controls and Menu misaligned when ‘Tab Bar disabled’ and ‘Hide Title Bar When Tabs Are Not on Top enabled’ (VB-95259)
[Settings][Sec-Ch-Ua] Custom brand masking validation (VB-95508)
[Settings][Themes] Preview background clips through border (VB-94804)

Speed Dial

[Speed Dial] Open all bookmarks context menu does not work (VB-95309)
[Speed Dial] Transitions on mail panel auto-toggle (VB-96097)
[Speed Dial] Settings height doesn’t match the view (VB-95131)
[Speed Dial] Thumbnail name not visible when dragging over (VB-90047)


[Tabs] Can not detach tabs or move them between windows (VB-96139)
[Tabs] Can spill out of viewport if the activated tab is in an accordion (VB-96325)
[Tabs] Close tab does not focus next tab at right but 2nd next (VB-93784)
[Tabs] Do not change active tab when tabs from closed window are moved (VB-94749)
[Tabs][Keyboard] Recently Used does not cycle over all tabs (VB-95229)


[Themes] Setting PNG as background as repeating image doesn’t work (VB-78506)
[Themes] Use a higher resolution image in the Beach theme (VB-95810)


[Toolbar editor] Elements become invisible in defaults bar (VB-96234)
[Toolbars] Artefacts in Extensions and Zoom control buttons (VB-95125)
[Toolbars] Add confirmation dialog to toolbar reset (VB-95348)
[Toolbars] Editor closes on toolbar clicks (VB-95343)
[Toolbars] Editor has empty defaults when toggling UI (VB-95401)

User Interface

[UI] The sharing dialog should say Vivaldi and not the ext-id (VB-94741)
[UI][Settings] Increase height of main bar, with “Hide Title Bar when Tabs Are Not on Top” setting (VB-96310)


[Window management] Pinned tabs are not saved when closing window with Alt+F4 (VB-92921)
[Windows] Menu and window controls misaligned (VB-95112)
[Windows][Downloads] Downloading executables never finishes (VB-96216)
[Windows][Settings] Extra space in maximized view with hidden toolbar, tabs at edge, and tabs hidden. (VB-96340)
[Windows][Updates][Installer] Delta updates are not working, resulting in the full installer being fetched on second check for updates (VB-96225)


[Crash] On opening links from external app (VB-96321)
[Crash] Opening private window (VB-96576)
[Crash][Mail] Setting up Gmail with Oauth (VB-96169)
[Crash][Profiles] Closing a secondary window after having used Guest profile once (VB-96419)
[Crash][Profiles] When closing Guest windows (VB-96322)


[Blocker] Clearer ad & tracker blocker state icon(VB-95717)
[Bookmarks][History] Always display full URL (VB-95633)
[Chromium] Upgraded to 112.0.5615.132
[Clock] Default icon doesn’t display time (VB-96549)
[Commands] Add a command for default page zoom (VB-95031)
[Developer Tools] No window controls (VB-96089)
[Drag-and-drop] URI list can not hold multiple URLs and this should be handled (VB-95836)
[Keyboard][Speed dial] Keyboard movement in speed dial on a subfolder no longer works (VB-82549)
[Performance] Enable Profile-guided optimization by default
[Reader] Upgrade readability (VB-95544)
[Status bar] Missing fragment part of URL (VB-95582)
[Status] Overlay has transparent background (VB-95573)
[Welcome page] Adjust to new toolbar layout (VB-95691)

Mail, Calendar and Feeds 1.5


[Calendar] Broken VTIMEZONE data, and some more small issues (VB-95260)
[Calendar] CalDAV multi get now retries with smaller batch in case of error (VB-94722)
[Calendar] Can not drag to copy event exception (VB-96118)
[Calendar] Can not invite non-contacts as event participants (VB-95429)
[Calendar] Can not navigate to tasks without time in tasks list (VB-91642)
[Calendar] Continuation “arrows” look wrong (VB-96297)
[Calendar] Dialog editor input element context menu limited (VB-94496)
[Calendar] Editing a long event shifts view away from editor (VB-95280)
[Calendar] Error “Username or URL missing” trying to sync local event (VB-95452)
[Calendar] Event pasted with wrong time (VB-96039)
[Calendar] Include time and location in invitation emails (VB-95459)
[Calendar] Long recurring events do not show in view if start day is not visible (VB-95262)
[Calendar] No reminder for recurring event if more than one hour before event (VB-95522)
[Calendar] Occasional error on Start Page (VB-96158)
[Calendar] Reminder for recurring event shows repeatedly (VB-95698)
[Calendar] Setup, space character before “visit our help pages” link (VB-95162)
[Calendar] With multiple accounts using the same username can result in passwords not being retained (VB-96006)
[Calendar][CalDAV] Make sure calendar data is not re-loaded to often from db (VB-94988)
[Calendar][Mail] Consistent margins and change colors for Calendar Invite emails (VB-95607)
[Calendar][Mail] Event invite doesn’t include email signature (VB-95458)
[Calendar][Panels] Tasks panel event icons overlap title (VB-93856)
[Calendar][Settings] Cannot delete Google Calendar (VB-95663)


[Mail] Added commands for moving to/from Archive (VB-91639)
[Mail] Align flexible spacer to panel width in all toolbars (VB-96463)
[Mail] Asks permission to open PDF attachment (VB-96188)
[Mail] Compose opening in reading tab (VB-89530)
[Mail] Compose tab contents partly lost on restart (VB-91134)
[Mail] Drag to ‘Archive’ does nothing when account has no archive folder (VB-96104)
[Mail] Feeds don’t show if no mail accounts set up (VB-96440)
[Mail] Hide the Reply-To address when it matches the From address (VB-95135)
[Mail] Messages with Junk flag but not in actual Spam folder are not shown in All Messages / Junk (VB-94145)
[Mail] Nothing happens when archiving and setting “add archive folder when missing” enabled (VB-96110)
[Mail] Only warn on From/Reply-To mismatches cross origins (VB-95118)
[Mail] Search field not above mail list (VB-96268)
[Mail] Search jumps upon navigating to mail tab (VB-96344)
[Mail] Sent messages not uploaded to IMAP /Sent (VB-96189)
[Mail] Things break when composing and sending a large message (VB-93168)
[Mail] Toolbar doesn’t show menu button with title bar hidden (VB-95977)
[Mail] Upload command stuck in buffer for Gmail messages (VB-96541)
[Mail][Feeds] Offline accounts and RSS feeds removed from panel after update (VB-96072)
[Mail][Keyboard] ‘g’ key does nothing if returning from an added tab (VB-96174)
[Mail][Panels] Don’t adjust mail search width with panel on right side (VB-96412)
[Mail][Pop3] Can not delete mail on server (VB-95654)


[Feeds] Respect encoding when importing OPML (VB-95568)