Changelog – Vivaldi browser 5.7


[New][Windows Panel] Display all windows (VB-40382)

Address Bar

[Address Bar] Remove the prioritization of search queries in the typed history (VB-94922)
[Address bar] Address field updates too late after redirect (VB-94187)
[Address bar] Autocomplete doesn’t find anything (VB-93917)
[Address bar] Autocomplete doesn’t take shortest URL when comparing 2 URLs (VB-94368)
[Address bar] Autocomplete doesn’t work in private window (VB-93807)
[Address bar] Autocomplete recommends bookmarks with longer nickname (VB-93605)
[Address bar] Autocomplete stops working after opening a tab with autocompleted word (VB-93132)
[Address bar] Autocomplete value isn’t used when clicking input (VB-94956)
[Address bar] Backspace reverts selected URL to input search term (VB-94740)
[Address bar] Broken modifier click in address field (VB-93885)
[Address bar] Can not add a / at end of a already visited URL as typed history dropdown appears (VB-94837)
[Address bar] Cloned tab can have no URL (VB-92969)
[Address bar] Crops subdomains from local domains (VB-93965)
[Address bar] Display typed text in TypedHistory for search query items (VB-94923)
[Address bar] Doesn’t display type of blocked permissions (VB-73873)
[Address bar] Doesn’t escape brackets “[” and “]” in Address bars when copying address from the address bar (VB-92427)
[Address bar] Dropdown is searching for every typed character (VB-92185)
[Address bar] Horizontal selection in address bar not cleared correctly when trying to re-select (VB-94339)
[Address bar] Improving typed history (VB-93862)
[Address bar] Paste and go does not work if the buffer contains part of the address (VB-92564)
[Address bar] Pasted word in address field doesn’t evoke suggestions (VB-92395)
[Address bar] Selecting text from an unfocused Address Field using horizontal dragging is not possible if “Select Address on Activation” enabled (VB-94047)
[Address bar] The best result is removed when navigating in the dropdown (VB-94805)
[Address bar] Typed history must autocomplete on text then title
[Address bar] Typed history title is cut when navigating in the dropdown (VB-94817)
[Address bar] URL Field can select wrong best ‘result based’ (VB-94431)
[Address bar] Use a new typed history algorithm for autocomplete (VB-95008)
[Address bar][Crash] Error message when typing an address: additional fix (VB-93276)
[Address bar][Crash] On autocomplete for some users (VB-94395)
[Address bar][Keyboard] A search term shouldn’t get the autocomplete value when selected from the drop down (VB-95235)
[Address bar][Keyboard] Ctrl Backspace doesn’t delete word in address field (VB-93737)
[Address bar][Settings] Allow disabling of autocomplete on item title (VB-93420)
[Address bar][Settings] Disabling select address on activation setting dysfunctional (VB-93283)


[History] Doubled history calendar overflow (VB-93637)
[History] Week view duplicate header row (VB-94249)


[Linux][Updates] Repository not setup on first install or upgrade on RPM distributions (VB-94717)


[macOS] Add “Quit warning” menu element (VB-93811)
[macOS] Fullscreen window controls inaccessible (VB-93928)
[macOS][Media] Certain videos will not play (VB-94626)
[macOS][Menus][Tabs] Tab stacks are not listed in the global window menu (VB-92517)


[Menus] Add an activate entry to window panel menu (VB-93286)
[Menus] Address field is empty when editing Open Link command (VB-94688)
[Menus] Let Window menu include an entry with other windows and their content (VB-93261)


[Onboarding] Classic selected even after clicking Essentials in welcome dialog (VB-93122)
[Onboarding] Clicks go through the Add Mail Account Wizard overlay (VB-94221)
[Onboarding] Move panels to the right when the tab bar is on the left (VB-94305)


[Panels] Buttons can display the wrong badge (VB-93543)
[Panels] Close button is misaligned (VB-94919)
[Panels] Extension popup inaccessible when placed in Panel (VB-94622)
[Panels] Increase default Panel width (VB-93713)
[Panels] Scrollbar incorrectly positioned for calendar and tasks (VB-94232)
[Panels] Web panel counter detection broken for some sites (VB-93433)
[Panels][Toolbars] Status bar items don’t display well in the panel (VB-92973)
[Panels][Window Panel] Pin a tab stack using drag and drop (VB-93363)

Quick Commands

[Quick Commands] Remove Extra Semicolon in Quick Commands (VB-93789)
[Quick Commands] Support multiplication sign in calculator (VB-60640)
[Quick Commands] Support division symbol and heavy minus sign (VB-60640)


[Settings] Menu visual glitches (VB-89624)
[Settings][Protocols] Prompt user if the site should be allowed to handle protocol (VB-92426)
[Settings][Spatial Navigation] Move Spatial Navigation to Keyboard (VB-71354)


[Sync] Synchronize custom bookmark thumbnail metadata (VB-93139)
[Sync][Bookmarks] Synchronize custom bookmark thumbnail metadata (VB-93139)


[Tabs] Every tab moves to the first position when opening one too many tabs (VB-92995)
[Tabs] Incorrect activation order when closing tabs (VB-93887)
[Tabs] Pinned tabs are not saved when closing window with Alt+F4 (VB-93082)
[Tabs] Should not unselect after tiling (VB-85223)
[Tabs] Startup Pages does not always get saved (VB-93763)
[Tabs] Switcher UI cut off in list view with many tabs (VB-93157)
[Tabs] Tile set background leaks into vertical transparent Tab Bar (VB-94150)
[Tabs] Tiled tab layout not maintained after browser restart (VB-93775)
[Tabs] Vertical tab favicons show through floating panel (VB-93926)


[Themes] Background Resets after Reboot (VB-85062)
[Themes] Many popup interface dialogs have a cut corners when using medium rounding (VB-94802)
[Themes][History] All history analytics are black when the highlight colour is black (VB-94528)


[Windows Panel][Panels] Wrong tile menu (VB-94755)
[Windows] Add support for custom Windows accent color on windows borders on Windows 11 (VB-93802)
[Windows] Desktop shortcut pinned to taskbar creates duplicate taskbar icon (VB-73720)
[Windows] The window is bleeding 1 pixel into the other monitor when maximized (VB-94351)
[Windows][Installer] Default focused button should be “Accept and update” or “Install” (VB-93428)
[Windows][Installer] Install should be prevented on systems older than Windows 10 (VB-94821)


[Crash] After opening link in new window (VB-93983)
[Crash] When opening Chrome Web Store (VB-94635)
[Crash][Tabs] When moving grouped tabs from one window to another (VB-94399)
[Crash][Panels] When adding web panel (VB-95120)


[Chromium] Upgraded to 110.0.5481.111
[Clock] System inherited clock’s Japanese format is wrong (VB-93447)
[Commands] Add Content Scripts to Chained Commands (VB-93995)
[Developer Tools] Undocking results in an empty window on the first attempt (VB-94370)
[Downloads] Refresh the Downloads panel empty state graphic (VB-94369)
[Dropdown] Doesn’t remove correct item (VB-94642)
[Extensions][Panel] Popup inaccessible when placed in panel (VB-94622)
[Fast forward] Make Fast Forward work on single-page web apps (VB-92778)
[Popup] X to close is on top of illustration in save password dialog (VB-94542)
[Profiles] Replace Chrome graphics in profile selector dialog (VB-93927)
[Protocols] Add support for the tel:// (VB-60575)
[Reader Mode] Messing with webpage styles (VB-93798)
[Search] Favicon shown in wrong tab (VB-94645)[Spatial Navigation] Can not reach single items of unread forum posts (VB-93630)
[Spatial navigation] Doesn’t handle clickable elements assigned with addEventListener (VB-6188)
[Speed Dial] Back arrow misplaced (VB-94340)
[Toolbars] Search and address field can’t be dragged in editor (VB-93920)
[UI] Permission dialog pops up when Geolocation is Blocked or Denied (VB-95184)
[Welcome page] When choosing essentials the download button should be added to the address bar (VB-94589)
[Zoom] Page zoom controls broken in vertical toolbar (VB-93956)

Mail, Calendar and Feeds 1.4


[Mail] Added Threaded sorting option on top of the search list (VB-93794)
[Mail] Contacts only show results for one email address when clicked (VB-94265)
[Mail] Copy to Note context menu from email now includes the selected text (VB-19427)
[Mail] Detect HTML file signature in text/plain emails and switch to HTML rendering mode (VB-94890)
[Mail] Disable notifications during initial account sync (VB-92908)
[Mail] Extra item “displaying mails for” text searching (VB-95183)
[Mail] Fixed default show trash/archive/junk in Received folder (VB-93782)
[Mail] Fixed move to trash/junk/archive folder mixup (VB-93778)
[Mail] Fixed multiple reference filtering (VB-60145)
[Mail] Labels color does not change In non-English UI (VB-94848)
[Mail] Lag in composer when replying to a a large message (VB-95001)
[Mail] Moving an internal message should not add an IMAP move action to buffer table (VB-94180)
[Mail] New mail notifications shown in bulk (VB-93320)
[Mail] Newlines are added to replied emails with quoted text (VB-94148)
[Mail] No notifications for read messages (VB-32309)
[Mail] Prefer text/html|plain when text/plain|html is empty (VB-94529)
[Mail] Prefetching stalls (VB-94579)
[Mail] Remove buffer requests if their account is offline (VB-75446)
[Mail] Size column (VB-89838)
[Mail] Some threading optimizations (VB-94194)
[Mail] Undelete doesn’t remove a message from Trash (VB-93459)
[Mail] Very slow rendering of certain messages (VB-93717)
[Mail] prefetching stalls (VB-94579)
[Mail][IMAP] Flag for Junk should be uploaded to server (VB-94145)
[Mail][Keyboard][Settings] Keyboard shortcut for marking/unmarking spam (VB-94170)
[Mail][Notifications] Clicking on mail notification does not open the mail (VB-93399)
[Mail][Panel] Click on icon error icon in panel just opens notification (VB-94829)
[Mail][Settings] Auto mark as read (VB-75314)
[Mail][Settings] No error when something is wrong in server settings (VB-94770)
[Mail][Settings] No way to dismiss tips or see Server/Alias tabs after in account setup(VB-94768)


[Calendar] Add Accept header to CalDAV requests (VB-94911)
[Calendar] Align edges of calendar entry in month view (VB-93427)
[Calendar] All day event synced on day before when timezone offset is positive (VB-94063)
[Calendar] Can not drag to resize event (VB-94771)
[Calendar] Changing “This and Upcoming” does nothing (VB-94954)
[Calendar] Clearing search doesn’t return you to previous calendar view (VB-94649)
[Calendar] Default to the agenda view in the calendar panel (VB-94183)
[Calendar] Editor still shows after event is created (VB-94606)
[Calendar] Error setting property of read only object (VB-94613)
[Calendar] Event Property Icons are hard to see Calendar Event Property Icons are hard to see (VB-94367)
[Calendar] Event update from server not saved in Vivaldi (VB-94104)
[Calendar] Google Tasks mark completed not set (VB-93548)
[Calendar] Hide “New Event Created” notifications for new events added to synced/remote calendars (VB-94184)
[Calendar] Incorrect time for floating time events (VB-94772)
[Calendar] Notification not shown for recurring event reminder (VB-92376)
[Calendar] Open Calendar Manager from Task panel icon using right and middle mouse click (VB-93583)
[Calendar] Panel empty state (VB-94182)
[Calendar] Prevent 0 of 0 (NaN%) status bar message (VB-94428)
[Calendar] Remove gap around unfocused add event button
[Calendar] Timeless tasks created with invalid timezone data (VB-94637)
[Calendar] Upload valid iCal for events with event exceptions (VB-94769)
[Calendar] Warnings logged when copying event (VB-94761)
[Calendar] Wrong due date set for Google Task (VB-93549)
[Calendar] Wrong time for midnight in day / week view (VB-94208)
[Calendar][Mail] Need better error handling around decrypting oAuth refresh_token (VB-93779)


[Feeds] Update supported formats in the Accept header for feeds (VB-93780)