Güçlü, Kişisel, Özel.

Daha iyi performans, üretkenlik ve gizlilik için rakipsiz özelleştirme seçenekleri ve yerleşik tarayıcı özellikleri edinin.

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Improved browser features for desktop and Vivaldi Mail 2.0 amped up with new functionalities.

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Vivaldi 6.8 for Android - New ways to make the browser match you and updated Ad Blocker.

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Süper hızlı

Regular web browsers aren’t built with you in mind. They serve the masses. Since you’re a unique individual, we think you deserve options. So we have packed Vivaldi with them, to give you the power to mix and match settings. For a browser that’s just as unique as you.

Vivaldi browser window

Akıllı kaynak yönetimi

Our customizable UI and features are designed to make your browsing experience faster, simpler, and more efficient.

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Gerçekten muhteşem sekme yönetimi

Group an unlimited number of tabs into two-level stacks. An intuitive, visual way to sort and speed through your tabs.

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Merkezinde gerçek gizlilik

We don’t track your behavior. And we try to block other trackers trying to follow you around the Internet. As a result, your private information always stays safe — and you can browse the web freely without worrying about someone sneaking a peek at your browsing history or tracking what you do online.

Privacy Statistics modal

Gizliliğinizi geri alın

We have no idea who you are or what sites you visit. Relax when browsing.

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Block ads and popups

Popups and ads are one of the most annoying things about browsing the internet. Now you can get rid of them in a few clicks.

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Vivaldi has an insane amount of customization available by default.

You're Probably Not Using the Web's Best Browser.


En esnek tarayıcı

Vivaldi has tons of settings and features you can play with, from the super flexible user interface to shortcuts and custom macros. Every time you open the browser, you will discover a new tool or tweak that will make your life easier.

Toolbar Editor in Vivaldi browser

Paylaşılabilir temalar oluştur

Set your preferred custom colors, wallpapers, tab edge rounding, and other settings. Then share your creation with the world and add themes made by the Community to your own Theme Library.

Vivaldi Temaları


Try custom keyboard shortcuts

Want to save time? Create custom keyboard shortcuts for every single action in the browser.

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Create your personal browser

Download Vivaldi

All the built-in stuff you want

Reduce your use of third party apps. Use native tools that are secure, reliable and never, ever, collect, share or sell your data. (We can’t even access it.)

Shortcuts and settings for power users

Make Vivaldi work the way you want it to. Keyboard Shortcuts, Mouse Gestures, Custom Search Engines and Quick Commands are just some of the ways you can customize navigation and get the most out of each browsing session.

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Eklentilerinizi koruyun

Vivaldi has so many features built in, you may find you no longer need your favorite extensions. But, just in case, you can always install extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

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Tüm cihazlarınızda senkronize edin

Vivaldi works seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices, syncing your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, tabs, and more. We use end-to-end encryption to protect your data from being accessed by third parties. And as an added bonus, we host your browsing data on-premises in Iceland, where it's covered by strict privacy laws.

Vivaldi Sync modal with a phone and a computer
Vivaldi browser in action on a tablet and a phone

Vivaldi on mobile

Clutter-free mobile browsing on your terms. Vivaldi on mobile is packed with useful features including a built-in Ad Blocker and tracking protection. You can seamlessly sync open tabs, saved logins, and notes to companion Vivaldi on desktop.

Android'de Vivaldi | iOS için Vivaldi

Vivaldi browser in a car

Android Otomotiv İşletim Sistemi için Vivaldi

Vivaldi for Android Automotive OS offers full-scale browsing from the driver's seat. From a mobile entertainment suite to a customized command center for work on the road, Vivaldi has you covered.

Android Otomotiv İşletim Sistemi için Vivaldi

Vivaldi Hakkında

Our values in action

Staying connected with our community is essential to keeping the Vivaldi spirit alive. Not to mention building the best browser possible. We also use our platform to share positive trends or to speak out on harmful practices that could put you - and society as a whole - at risk.

Vivaldi Hakkında

Vivaldi team in Iceland

Gizlilik ölmedi

Tarayıcıda seçimleriniz ve arama motorlarınız vardır

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Why choose Vivaldi Social, our server on Mastodon?

Because it is not a bird app! 😉 It's a decentralized social network where no algorithms collect your usage pattern. No ads. No trespassing of privacy. Simple fun.

Vivaldi Sosyal

Where do we stand on cryptocurrency?

When you strip away the hype, virtual currencies have very real repercussions for people, society, and the environment.

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Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

It’s time to say no to profiling and surveillance-based ads.

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