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Vivaldi never compromises on your privacy and data security. Enjoy easy-to-use customization features, anti-tracking, and Ad Blocker.

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The supercharged browser

Vivaldi is packed with all of the features you'd expect from a modern browser, but it also has lots of built-in smart tools that make browsing easier, faster, and more fun.


Real privacy

We have zero interest in tracking or selling your data. So Vivaldi tracks none of your behavior. The sites you visit, what you type in the browser, your downloads – we have no access to that data. We don't even store it on our servers — it either stays on your local machine or gets encrypted.

As a bonus, we do our best to block others from doing it, too, with our built-in Tracker Blocker.

Smart tools

Everything you want - built right in

Vivaldi has all the features you'd expect from a modern browser and more. Set up shortcut keys for everything. Create Command Chains to operate complex sequences with a click. Translate snippets of text instantly. Use the Capture Tool to snag selections or entire pages in a flash. Organize an unlimited number of tabs into a variety of tab stack options. The choice is yours!

Extreme customization

This browser belongs to you

Have fun with the super flexible user interface, editable toolbars, navigation shortcuts, unrivaled tab management and more. With endless options, you can make a browser just right for you.

Vivaldi Özelliklerini Keşfedin
Super app

The productivity super app

Vivaldi is supercharged for productivity! It comes with four of the most popular productivity apps built-in: a real Mail client, a private Calendar, an algorithm-free Feed Reader, and an untraceable Translation tool.

Sekme Araçları

Optimized tab management

We provide many intuitive ways to organize and speed through your apps.

Tab Tiling lets you view two or more pages side by side or in a grid. Tab Stacks are a handy way to group your tabs, with options for Compact, Accordion and Two-level views.

There’s no "one size fits all". Dive in to find the right fit for you!

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Get started

Switch to Vivaldi in under 5 mins

Switching to Vivaldi is easy. Get started in a snap. Then, the real magic happens, as you explore the full range of options, to create the best browsing experience you’ll ever have.

Discover why Vivaldi stands out from the crowd

Compare Vivaldi to other popular web browsers and see the difference for yourself.

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Vivaldi Topluluğu

Vivaldi started out as a forum and now has a community of thousands. Our members hang out, share ideas, and help develop the browser by giving valuable feedback.

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Başkalarının Vivaldi hakkında söyledikleri

Düşüncelerinizi #vivaldibrowser'da paylaşın

Perhaps the nicest feature provided by Vivaldi Mail is the fact that you can combine all of your email services into one, be it a Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo account.

Monica J. White

Monica J. White
Digital Trends

I'm a huge fan of the Vivaldi web browser. It's far more customizable than most other popular web browsers, and as a power user that's something I greatly appreciate.

Adam Z Lein

Adam Z Lein

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