Do you know how many trackers and ads follow you on a site that you visit?

You’ll be surprised! 😲 Try our built-in Tracker and Ad Blocker on desktop and Android. The tracking details are an eye-opener.

We care about your digital well-being. And you should too. Keep your dear ones safe and encourage them to try this feature.

And get our new version on Android too! 😊

Vivaldi 5.0

Today’s update brings in Theme Sharing, a new place to share and discover themes by the community, and a dynamic new Theme Editor.

We’re also kicking translations up a notch, adding a new Translate Panel that will translate highlighted text instantly. ✨

Dig it.

Let the Theme party begin

Where do we start? The sky’s the limit here. For one thing, Themes now include the background image. 🪂

The brand new Theme editor lets you export, import, share Themes… and go “Wow!” 🤝

Share Themes directly with your friends using the exported zip file, or a bit more widely by uploading them to the Themes Gallery.🌏

Go to Settings > Themes and discover a whole new world.

Vivaldi Themes Gallery. 🎉

Welcome to a library of inspiration and creativity. 🌈

Upload your themes to our brand-new Themes Gallery.

There you can explore Themes made by Vivaldi and other users. Install as many Themes as you want by clicking “Install theme” to apply it to your browser instantly and add the theme to the library in your browser settings.

Prefer not to install Themes from the web? A zip between friends works too. From Settings, the “Open Themes” button lets you open zipped Themes from your local machine.

Downloads are poppin’. 🍾

Pumpkin spice isn’t the only way to spice up the season.

Let’s spice up your download process. 🥳

You now have the option to see downloads in a pop-out. Better still, all the features you loved about viewing downloads in the Panel are available in this new view too.

Whichever you prefer, it’s your call. Head to Settings > Downloads and make your pick.

A new sidekick for language learning.

Unique, trustworthy and no strings attached – Vivaldi Translate‘s latest addition, the Translate Panel is next level. 🤓

The new Translate Panel is ready for you in sidebar of Vivaldi. There you can paste in text, use language detection and see a history of your translations.

But the real magic is in the one-step auto-translate option. Once enabled (and with the Panel open) you only need to highlight text to instantly see its translation in the Panel. No clicks needed. 👏

Enter the Theme Sharing Contest

Get your best Themes ready and join our Theme Sharing Contest. Details here. Here’s how to get your hands on a pint! 🍺

(Hang on. We’ve rethought the logistics and changed our minds.)

Enter now to win… some exciting goodies! 🍫 🎂

Bonus: Contestants will have access to an “Enchanted Colorful Gallery.” 🤯

Warning: Android browsing will never be the same. 😎

A first for mobile browsers, we just added Two-level Tab Stacks to Vivaldi for mobiles and tablets. 💕

There’s also a brand-new, super flexible design – including a side Panel on tablets and Chromebooks – to optimize your screen space better.

Vivaldi 4.3

Capture. 📷 Revamped! 🔥

Not enough fire emojis for this. 😂

Get perfect screenshots, every time with the oh-so-cool refreshed Capture. Plus, it now has a resize option. 🎇

Access it from the Status Bar via the camera icon, or activate it using Keyboard Shortcuts, Quick Commands and Mouse Gestures.

The Idle API. No longer a privacy bother. 👏

Want more privacy and peace of mind while browsing?

You have it. 🤗 Google’s Idle API can be abused for behavioral tracking. Hence, we’ve turned it off by default.

Unlike Chrome, Vivaldi does not allow websites to even ask. Requests are denied by default. 💪

Vivaldi Translate now supports 108 languages. 👯‍♂️

We’ve added 68 new languages so more people can access the web in their preferred language. Translate web pages and selected text — safely and securely. 📑

Powered by Lingvanex, the translation engine is hosted on Vivaldi servers in Iceland. 🎉

Go on, Sync it up. 🔑

Now more intuitive, the revamped Sync has a polished appearance and improved account setup and recovery.

Go to Sync settings to download a backup encryption key which can help you recover your browser data should you ever forget the encryption password. 🗝

The Download Panel. It all looks SO good.

An informative graph shows your download speed over time, along with new buttons to restart or find downloads on your system. 📉

Oh yes, monitor your downloads at a glance with bolded key statistics. 👀

We’ve got it.🤗 Here comes PWA support.

On pages that support running as a PWA (Progressive Web App), there is a new “Install [website]” option on the right-click (context) tab menu.

Go for it! Put your PWA obsession to use now. 🎉

Cool and more private. 🤓

More reasons to use Vivaldi Mail and Calendar (beta). 👏

OAuth login has been changed. When using the built-in mail client to access your Gmail, you are no longer logged into all Google services, such as YouTube. So, you can now use a service like Gmail without Google tracking you everywhere. Yay! 🎉