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How to direct message on Instagram with Vivaldi browser

juillet 15, 2019

Vivaldi is the only desktop browser that lets you direct message on Instagram from your computer! You don’t need to change any settings or download extensions. Here’s how to do this in one simple step. 

The return of the interns

juillet 12, 2019

After a great experience last summer, Vilde and Knut have returned to Vivaldi as summer interns. We’ve been catching up with them.

Guðmundurs of Vivaldi

The three Gudmundurs of Vivaldi

juillet 2, 2019

“Guðmundur” is a popular Icelandic name and that goes some way to explain why we have three of them in the team. But it still doesn’t explain how we landed the three most remarkable ones. Let’s meet them.

Displaying notification in Vivaldi browser

Take it or leave it: Notifications in Vivaldi

juillet 2, 2019

Love them or hate them, regular notifications need to be managed. And what better (or easier) way than to do that in your browser? Let’s take a look.

Hello and good-bye, Magnolia

juin 28, 2019

Could June be our favorite month of the year? This is when we all work under the same roof in beautiful Magnolia in Massachusetts. Here’s how we’ll remember this year’s annual summer gathering.

Vivaldi browser blocks abusive ads, improves profile management and more

juin 20, 2019

The new version – Vivaldi 2.6 – arrives with improved security, and new options for quicker navigation and customization.

Браузер Vivaldi получил встроенные средства блокировки рекламы, улучшенное управление профилями и многое другое

juin 20, 2019

Осло, Норвегия – 20 июня 2019: компания Vivaldi выпустила новую версию браузера Vivaldi 2.6, предлагающую пользователям новые возможности приватности и настраиваемости. Данное обновление повышает безопасность пользователей благодаря встроенным средствам блокировки рекламы и нежелательных веб-сайтов. Также пользователи получают новые способы навигации, настройки профилей и прочие улучшения, направленные на повышение интуитивности и настраиваемости интерфейса браузера Vivaldi. Блокировка […]

Blog on online privacy

Be a guest blogger for Vivaldi this summer

juin 3, 2019

Over the summer, we’re opening Vivaldi’s blog to guest bloggers from our community and beyond who are eager to share their personal perspectives on the thorny topic of online privacy.

Printing web pages without the clutter

How to print clutter-free from the Vivaldi browser

mai 29, 2019

In Vivaldi, you can configure your page printouts so that all clutter is removed and the page is adjusted to your needs before printing. Take a look at the built-in printing options in Vivaldi.

Meet you in Reykjavík

mai 23, 2019

It’s been a busy week at our office in Iceland where the team is hosting two W3C events for the Technical Architecture Group.