Vivaldi 5.5

Welcome, Tasks Panel 🎉

Create and track your tasks and schedules more efficiently, without leaving the browser!

All in the new handy, “Tasks” panel in the browser’s sidebar. Life’s sorted! 😍

Add details such as due date, set repetitions, location, and description (including any relevant URL) and reminders.

View your Tasks in the built-in Vivaldi Calendar.

Tasks with due dates will appear in the main calendar view in the appropriate location.

For open-ended tasks, without a set deadline, you can find them in the Agenda view.

Discover different layouts and views with unique functionality in the Vivaldi Calendar. 📅

More about it here.

Account setups Mail and Calendar get super easy.

It literally takes no time to set up a new account now.

Before, some popular services (such as Fastmail) may have required detailed information to set up Mail and Calendar (CalDAV) accounts. Now in more cases, server details are automatically configured for you. 

Just enter your login credentials, and Vivaldi Mail will do the rest. 🙌

Speed just got better!

If you are a fast typer, you are in luck. This version is worth checking out.

We have been working on a lot of under-the-hood changes. As part of this ongoing work, parts of the Address Field logic have been rewritten to improve speed. ✨

Snap layout support in Windows 11.

With added support to Snap layout, you can automatically resize one or more windows to fill the screen upon dragging.

Choose from six different types of layouts to adjust up to 4 windows on your screen at a time. 🎉

Sync Tabs Across Devices!


Your browsing data is our priority.  We want to keep it safe, and our end-to-end encrypted Sync helps us do that.

With Vivaldi Sync, you can synchronize your content and settings between multiple computers and Android devices including cars. Read more.

Vivaldi 5.4

Keep em’ muted, and carry on. 🔇

Just like the way you can mute tabs, now turn off the sound in Web Panels.

Simply right-click and Mute Panel.

Get more control over which sound source you’d like to listen to.

Silence is an option. 😀

Reorder and customize Web Panels in different widths, reload them periodically, float them for screen optimization and now even mute them. Go nuts!

Web Panels are fascinating. Read more.

Get that mouse to rock more.🐭

Rocking your fingers has never been this fun!

So far, you have not been able to select what the Rocker Gestures do.

But now you can assign any command to both buttons. Super customizable.

And we know some of you are smiling already. 😄

Rock across the mouse from right-to-left or left-to-right; each direction you rock gives you a different result.

Simply go to Settings → Mouse → Rocker Gestures and select your favorite actions.

Know a lot more about them here.

Copy Link to Highlight. ✨

Can we skip right to the good part? 😎

Yes. Now link straight to the part of a website you actually want.

Highlight the part of the page you’d like to share. Right-click and choose “Copy link to highlight” and send that URL to anyone using a Chromium-based browser.

When the page loads, it’ll directly go to that part of the text instead of to the top of the page.👏

Use secure connections. 🛡️

Say hello to this new security feature.

With this option, all the navigation to HTTPS will be automatically upgraded and will display alerts before loading websites that don’t support it.

The HTTPS upgrades will be automatic to allow you to browse the Internet without interruptions over a secure connection wherever possible.

Enable this option? Go to Settings → Address Bar → Security Features.

Learn more about our privacy and security features here.

A fine-tuned Vivaldi Mail for you. 💗

Vivaldi browser has a simple solution to your email woes: Vivaldi Mail.

And it has dazzling side effects – Vivaldi Calendar and Vivaldi Feed Reader integrated. 😂

We’ve been improving its unique functionality. And it’s more polished and works better than before.

Did we say speed and performance improvements?
Try it and recommend it to your friends. 😍

Using Vivaldi on a larger mobile device? That Tab Bar on Vivaldi can be your ally. 😎

Vivaldi’s Tab Bar on Android is optimized for both landscape and portrait modes. 👏

The unique Tab Bar at the top works nicely in the landscape mode improving usability significantly.

Disable it in the Settings for more screen space. And make it even better by browsing with the option “Always Show Desktop Site”. 🎉