Experience Vivaldi in Lynk & Co cars, 2024 Lincoln Nautilus and Aviator, and 2025 Ford Explorer.

世界上首個 Android Automotive OS 網頁瀏覽器

Vivaldi Android Automotive OS 版是一款全面的網頁瀏覽器,具有進階的分頁管理、串流媒體功能和頂級的安全措施。

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We’re proud to partner with CARIAD to give drivers the best in-car internet experience. Vivaldi’s robust functionality and unique user interface lets you do more of everything you love – faster, easier, and safer.

Jon von Tetzchner, Vivaldi 聯合創始人及 CEO


Vivaldi is a new take on how web browsers should work in cars. It gives you complete control of how it looks, feels and works.

Stay connected

Turn your car into a work-friendly space with the help of Vivaldi browser.

Connect a keyboard, take your next video call from the driver’s seat, as you listen to your favorite music. Keep your most frequently used apps within easy reach while you’re out and about.

Stream your favorites

Vivaldi for Android Automotive OS makes it easy to stream your favorite shows, music, and podcasts right from your dash.

The best part? You can access your favorite streaming services, without the need for third-party apps.

To ensure driver and passenger safety, you can use the browser only while parked. When you start driving, streaming content will continue audio-only.

Super intuitive & feature-packed

Use built-in tools that keep you in total control of your data, without sacrificing performance or usability. Features include a built-in ad blocker, privacy-friendly translation tool, reading list, notes function, tracking protection, and encrypted sync functionality, all right out-of-the-box.

Vivaldi 是專屬於您的瀏覽器。


We are transparent about how we handle your data. Private browsing data is not stored by the car. When logged into a Vivaldi account, browsing data may be shared between other devices logged into the same account, with the encrypted sync functionality. This data is not shared with the car manufacturer.

Android, Google Play and YouTube are trademarks of Google LLC.

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