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Vivaldi Android 版具有超強的智慧工具,使你的工作效率更高,更有創意,可以更安全地上網。

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Vivaldi 有大量的功能,可以幫助您管理您的分頁,追蹤您所開啟的內容。

It's also got tab stacking, which means that you can organize your tabs into groups that you can expand or collapse at will. You can even manage the order of your tabs by dragging them around!


Oh, and as a bonus, it blocks other trackers from following you around the Internet, too.


Stay on top of things with Vivaldi. Take notes, translate pages, and capture full-page screenshots easily.

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My favorite feature is the ability to switch between tabs by swiping left or right on the bottom bar.

Ivan Mehta

Ivan Mehta
The Next Web

Vivaldi is designed with flexibility in mind, with features like the ability to switch search engines on the fly by typing a nickname into the search bar before your query.

Catherine Ellis

Catherine Ellis

Built for the big screen.
Make the most of your tablet with Vivaldi.

Take tabs to the next level

Use Two-Level Tab Stacks to stay organized and keep your screen tidy. Tabs inside a group will show in a second row, but stay hidden when you don't need them.


Keep go-to tools within easy reach in the side bar of the browser. Work with your History, Downloads, Bookmarks, and Notes in split-screen with your main window.

Our favorite web browser greatly improves surfing on larger mobile screens


Browse the web smarter and faster with Vivaldi.

More customization. Better organization. Faster browsing.

Have fun tweaking settings, discovering new features, and creating the browser of your dreams.


Vivaldi started out as a forum and now has a community of thousands. Our members hang out, share ideas, and help develop the browser by giving valuable feedback.

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