Vivaldi Android 测试版

成为首批试用 Vivaldi Android 的用户。我们的 Beta 测试版包含众多独有特性,而且适合日常使用。请立即从谷歌商店获取它并告诉我们您的想法!


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Cat Ellis,


Andrew Orlowski,

“一旦开始挖掘 Vivaldi 的不同使用方式,你将发现从未见过的更精细的控制功能。”

Scott Gilbertson,

Vivaldi Android 测试版

“My favourite feature is the tab icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the homescreen. It brings up a handy screen for easy access to bookmarks, history, notes and downloads all within one swipe from each other.”

Marie Boran ,

“It will also let you sync bookmarks, Speed Dials, passwords, autofill information, and those notes I mentioned across your desktop and mobile sessions, and claims this data is protected with end-to-end encryption by default.”

Jay Peters,

“Vivaldi Browser is actually quite popular on desktops, and its Android counterpart seems to be quite capable as well.”

Kristijan Lucic,

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