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Tópicos Importantes

  • Trouble receiving Vivaldi emails at AT&T, 163.com, 126.com, 139.com and sina.com email addresses?

    AT&T, 163.com, 126.com, 139.com and sina.com are blocking all incoming emails from Vivaldi. In the contact form below, please use a different contact email, so we could help you solve the issue.

  • Issues with registration and login to your Vivaldi account?

  • How can I change my Vivaldi account's recovery email address?

    To change your account’s recovery email:

    1. Go to your account’s profile on Vivaldi.net.
    2. Enter the new email address;
    3. Click Update;
    4. Head to the new recovery email’s mailbox and look for a ‘Recovery Email Change Request‘ email from Vivaldi;
    5. Open the link in the email (the link is valid for 48 hours);
    6. Enter your account’s login password and click Verify email address.

    When you return to the profile, you’ll see the new email.

  • Error message: "The account is locked or doesn't exist." on the password reset page.

    When you see the error message ‘The account is locked or doesn’t exist.’ on the Password Reset page:

    • Check that the username (not email) is typed correctly.
    • In case it’s a new account, make sure you activated it before trying to log in and reset the password. Send yourself a new account activation email, if necessary.
    • Your account may have been blocked for breaking the Terms of Use.



  • Errors on Vivaldi.net with account related actions?

    If you’ve tried to register, update your profile or anything else related to your account on Vivaldi.net, but upon submitting or saving get an error message, the issue could be due to an Extension. We’ve confirmed that a dark mode extension, Dark Reader, causes these errors, but there may be others as well.

    Please disable extensions on vivaldi://extensions to see if you can finish your activity then. If the issue is still there after disabling all extensions, please send us a message in the contact form below.

    In case you can confirm the issue with Dark Reader, we’d appreciate if you could report this issue on their Github page.


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Se você deseja saber mais sobre nossa política de privacidade e quais softwares de terceiros nós utilizamos, veja a nossa página sobre privacidade: vivaldi.com/privacy


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