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Privacy & Security

Privacy by design

We don't track you

Making the browser is our job. How you use it is none of our business. We believe that unnecessary collection of data is dangerous and has no place in your browser.

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Keep your private data private

Websites you visit, cookies and temporary files will not be stored by Vivaldi when you browse in a Private Window.

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A safer way to Sync

Any browser data that you sync between devices is sent using end-to-end encryption. Data is encrypted on your device using a password that is never sent to us.

Scarica v.2.1

Search matters

Your choice of search engine can have a big impact on your privacy online. We've included a separate default search engine for Private Windows so that you can get the privacy you deserve.

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Se hai sempre voluto più controllo sulla tua cronologia di navigazione, adesso ce l'hai con Vivaldi.

Jack Wallen, TechRepublic