Changelog – Vivaldi browser 6.4


• [New][Calendar] Add default event templates (VB-100488)
• [New][Popout Video] Add volume controls (VB-63230)
• [New][Address Bar][Settings] Be able to order and show/hide all categories (VB-99661)
• [New][Direct Match][Speed Dial][Search] Suggestion integration (VB-96032)

Address Bar

• [Address bar] Dropdown wrong item activated when autocomplete is disabled (VB-99663)
• [Address bar][Bookmarks] Nickname not selected when exactly typing it (VB-100872)
• [Address bar][Bookmarks] Nickname quickly entered into address field launches search instead of opening the bookmark (VB-99254)
• [Address bar][Search Field] Provider keyword not stripped from suggestion query substitution (VB-99791)


• [Bookmarks] Shrink the Bookmarks file for existing users – move thumbnails to file (VB-100455)
• [Bookmarks][Keyboard] Focus lost in Bookmarks Panel search field on Ctrl+Backspace (VB-99994)


• [Extensions] Popup appears shrunk (VB-99147)
• [Extensions] Privacy Badger options menu in a private window crashes browser (VB-99589)


• [History] Clear Browsing Data button wraps on a line of its own at certain panel widths (VB-98855)
• [History] Contains URLs after Clear Browser Data (VB-42540)
• [History][Keyboard] Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+Click to unselect deletes all initially selected items (VB-91517)


• [macOS] App menu in fullscreen video doesn’t show window controls (VB-99829)
• [macOS] Menu doesn’t change to “Hide Bookmarks Bar” (VB-91622)
• [macOS] Update Sparkle library to 2.5.0 (VB-100434)
• [macOS][Settings][Keyboard] “Show Quit Confirmation Dialog” option is broken (VB-99424)


• [Menus][Settings] Button in Native Window mode is not aligned when window size is maxed (VB-100474)
• [Menus][Panels] Add ‘Close window’ as an option in Window Panel’s right-click menu (VB-93897)
• [Menus] Toolbar editor is narrower and not centered (VB-99394)


• [Notes] All blank lines removed (VB-99882)
• [Notes] Drag and drop may not be able to reorder them (VB-99802)


• [Performance][History] Avoid slowdown while resizing history manager (VB-99702)
• [Performance][History] Don’t animate in history page if tab is not visible (VB-99656)


• [Search] Add a “Thank You!” state if switch back from Google (VB-100267)
• [Search] Set Startpage as default search for Private window in some countries (VB-100368)
• [Search][Address Bar][Search Field] There are no Yandex/Ecosia search engine icons (VB-94181)
• [Search][Address bar] Using a keyword search breaks the ability to search for the same thing in the default search engine (VB-100264)

Speed Dial

• [Speed Dial] Add navigation bar sorting (VB-41145)
• [Speed Dial] Bad view of the tiny thumbnails with title enabled (VB-79991)
• [Speed Dial] Navigation sorting update (VB-41145)
• [Speed Dial] Use ‘Open Graph (og) image’ or higher quality image for Speed dial size “icon” (VB-95956)
• [Speed Dial][Menus] Add undo/redo (VB-98410)
• [Speed Dial][Settings] Update “Support Vivaldi” message for users that select Google Search Engine (VB-99651)


• [Sync] Account setup form rejects email from domain as invalid (VB-100453)
• [Sync][Settings] Make Use Native Window option non-syncable (VB-100293)


• [Tabs] Accordion tab stack selection overflows tab bar (VB-100621)
• [Tabs] Borders around tiled website when in fullscreen mode (VB-94049)
• [Tabs] Dragging and Dropping a tab onto the title of stack does not work (VB-99708)
• [Tabs] Stack on the left has wrong outline (VB-99379)
• [Tabs] UI moves with side stacking and scrolling (VB-100660)
• [Tabs] Use recently viewed order when switching between related tabs after tab close (VB-99425)
• [Tabs] Visual tab cycler horizontally misaligned (VB-100674)
• [Tabs][Panels] The blur effect on vertical background is not working (VB-98555)
• [Tabs][Sync] Show Cloud/Synced Tabs button on Tab Bar even when not logged in (VB-97074)


• [Windows] Enabling native window removes window controls (VB-100623)
• [Windows] Vivaldi menu opens after selecting link text (VB-99856)
• [Windows][Settings] Wrong alignment of V-Menu button in “Native Window” mode (VB-98615)


• [Workspaces] Move singleton tabs to active workspace (VB-99834)
• [Workspaces] Odd button rendering in Toolbar and Theme Icon editors (VB-99349)
• [Workspaces][Keyboard] Can not reach Workspaces button with keyboard (VB-96677)


• [Crash] When opening guest window (VB-100025)
• [Crash][Bookmarks] Adding Bookmarks (VB-99299)
• [Crash][Developer Tools] On undocking (VB-100361)
• [Crash][Extensions] Opening the extension options from the panel causes crash (VB-99769)
• [Crash][Panels] Generating QR code from web panel (VB-100601)
• [Crash][Workspaces] Closing window with an open workspace with hibernating tabs (VB-99800)


• [Blocker] Text in privacy statistics is blurred (VB-91059)
• [Chromium] Upgraded to 118.0.5993.122
• [Commands][Tabs] Stack Tabs doesn’t work (VB-96867)
• [Game] Link Vivaldia off the page displayed when the network is down(VB-99443)
• [Keyboard] Unassign the default shortcut for “Load Images” as it is confusing (VB-92932)
• [Periodic Reload][Quick Commands] Support primes plus m and s suffixes for easier minute and second time notations (VB-99313)
• [Privacy] Disable Privacy sandbox, and disable/remove Topics and Privacy Sandbox prefs pages (VB-99915)
• [Settings] When “User Native Windows” is checked the Windows Title and Windows Control Buttons become duplicated (VB-91670)
• [Spatial Navigation] Elements can not be focused with zoomed page (VB-99170)
• [UI] Help link in type-squatter dialog points to Chrome help (VB-100730)
• [Web compatibility] Session store not shared with popups or new tabs (VB-98842)

Vivaldi Mail, Calendar, and Feeds 1.8


• [Mail] Account status inaccurate in status and Panel (VB-100393)
• [Mail] Attachment icon is missing sometimes in the view (present in mail) (VB-77629)
• [Mail] Attachment image shows up and overlaps mail view (VB-96239)
• [Mail] Avoid double highlight in composer autocomplete (VB-99995)
• [Mail] Connected to account message lingers in status bar (VB-100485)
• [Mail] Connection attempts pending after hibernation trigger before network is established (VB-100360)
• [Mail] Do not try to fetch message twice on re-gaining network access (VB-100462)
• [Mail] Full/part body not shown in some messages (VB-83204)
• [Mail] IMAP accounts do not always reconnect after regaining network access (VB-100514)
• [Mail] Image rendering issue (VB-94214)
• [Mail] Incorrect rendering of attachment images and calendar invites (VB-100277)
• [Mail] Index failure key already exists (VB-99027)
• [Mail] Inline multiparts in messages from Spark Mail incorrectly believed to be attachments (VB-98592)
• [Mail] Logs in status popup are strange when marking as spam (VB-98286)
• [Mail] Panel does not indicate lack of network connection on startup (VB-100379)
• [Mail] Password changes not affecting client (VB-100325)
• [Mail] Pops up new oAuth dialog few seconds after you close it (VB-97413)
• [Mail] Remove corner rounding in embedded videos
• [Mail] Replies are not indented correctly in mail list (VB-99570)
• [Mail] Should not disconnect IMAP clients on losing network connection (VB-100630)
• [Mail] Top level panel items lack spacing (VB-100321)
• [Mail] Wrong toolbar appears restart [Compose instead of Mail Detail] (VB-100066)
• [Mail] multipart/mixed with html does not link to attached resources (VB-87381)
• [Mail][Performance] Caching UID list on startup is slow for big accounts (VB-99258)


• [Calendar] Appointment series incomplete if created by other tool (VB-94014)
• [Calendar] Automatically enable template property when changing value (VB-99799)
• [Calendar] Changing time in an entry in the panel, changes active pages zoom (VB-100459)
• [Calendar] Deleted event is resurrected (VB-100540)
• [Calendar] Don’t save Calendar Accounts unless a successful login is performed (VB-95517)
• [Calendar] ICS import progress is not correct (VB-98474)
• [Calendar] In the status logs the the Clear button often does nothing (VB-100001)
• [Calendar] Selector in the Popup editor too wide (VB-99699)
• [Calendar] Template is named after type of action unless “title” field is selected before saving (VB-100350)
• [Calendar] Use the email recipient address when accepting event invites (VB-97343)
• [Calendar][Keyboard] Support Alt + wheel scroll in Calendar Manger to jump views (VB-99803)


• [Feeds] Dropdown can display the name of a previous search term instead of the YouTube channel name (VB-100089)
• [Feeds] Duplicate feed from some sites (VB-100170)
• [Feeds] YouTube playlists feeds can show the name of a previously seen playlist (VB-100090)