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Watch multiple streams at the same time

Vivaldi lets you easily watch multiple Twitch streams at once in your web browser. Simply tile multiple Twitch tabs, and see the magic.

Hibernate tabs to save memory

Having hundreds of tabs open can be a drag on any machine. Use Tab Hibernation to put a tab (or group of tabs) to sleep until you need it.

Quick-access your favorites

The side panel is your trusty companion, always on standby, ready to provide instant access to any site you need. Twitch chat, Spotify, Instagram, News page or maybe you want to check the weather when someone tells you to “touch grass”, any site can be added.

Custom Command Chains

Set up a group of commands to be executed in a sequence to speed up your sessions. Custom command chains can be assigned custom toolbar buttons.

Get your stuff organized

Group tabs and Tab Stacks into distinct Workspaces by category. With a click, you can immediately switch views within a window. Keep organized and banish distractions.

Custom Themes

This is true personalization. Customize Vivaldi's to match your style with a custom-made theme. Virtually everything can be customized, with a super flexible user interface, editable toolbars, and navigation shortcuts. With countless options, Vivaldi adapts to you.

Other features you’ll enjoy

Tracker and Ad Blocker

Protect yourself from sites that follow you around the web gathering personal information, and skip ads that slow you down. Enjoy a cleaner, faster browser.

Pop-out Video

Display videos in a floating window, so you can continue watching, while you work or play.

Razer Chroma

Combine Vivaldi on Windows with Razer Chroma to make browsing more immersive and personal.

“You're Probably Not Using the Web's Best Browser.”

Scott Gilbertson
Senior writer, WIRED

Bring everything with you

Import Bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, and notes from your old browser when switching to Vivaldi. All it takes is a couple of clicks, and you are ready to go.

Hra Vivaldia

We have, together with our friends at Porcelain Fortress created an old-school arcade game series called “Vivaldia”. Vivaldia 1 is the most powerful in-browser game available. So that you can have a good time, even without a connection to the internet.

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