Changelog – Vivaldi browser 6.8

[New][Search][Address bar] Ask new users if they want to enable search suggest (VB-105510)
[New][Search] Add Suggest URLs for Google, Yahoo and Startpage (VB-106786)
[New][Calendar] Show account name next to calendar names (VB-106358)
[New][Calendar] Suggest new account names from the account type (VB-106370)
[New][Mail] Add a Quick Reply feature (VB-12366)
[New][Mail][Settings] Prefetch a month and visible messages by default and provide additional settings (VB-29572)
[New][Mail] Undo button and dropdown menu where actions can be undone from a list (VB-32665)
[New][Mail][Settings] Show preview of message body text of 1, 2 or 3 lines (VB-98705)
[New][Tabs] Expose memory usage in tooltip: NB. Other browsers typically show inital load, ours updates periodically, so will increase over time (VB-102484)

Address bar

[Address bar] Field focus is lost on “Enter” (VB-105675)
[Address bar] Filter duplicate URLs in dropdown categories (VB-105835)
[Address bar] Non-intractable area inside URL field (VB-106717)
[Address bar] Problems with alignment of items in the drop down (VB-107189)
[Address bar] Search field item missing padding (VB-107186)
[Address bar] Search query in typed history are displayed even when setting off (VB-105877)
[Address bar] Search suggestion not ellipsed (VB-107206)
[Address bar] Single letter bookmark nicknames not working (VB-102765)
[Address bar] Sometimes searches instead of navigating when typing domains (VB-105160)
[Address bar] Switch URL and Title position (VB-106883)
[Address bar] The dropdown breaks when suggest URL doesn’t resolve: e.g. during Bing outage (VB-106798)
[Address bar] The dropdown duplicate filter remove everything when search text contains space (VB-106530)
[Address bar] Undo command fails when undo to a completion (VB-105826)
[Address bar] “Open tab” setting not present when priority list has been modified (VB-106690)
[Address bar][Search] Don’t display search engine nickname in dropdown (VB-107102)
[Address bar][Settings] No nickname match when hiding bookmark category (VB-106053)

(Tracker and Ad) Blocker

[Blocker] Add support for hosts files in the adblocker (VB-106558)
[Blocker] Improve generation of snippet rules (VB-106452)
[Blocker] Lower the minimum time between rule updates to 1h (VB-106453)
[Blocker] Number in blocker dialog breaks to 2 lines (VB-106625)
[Blocker] Update the snippets used by the ABP anticv list (VB-105730)
[Blocker] “Import New Blocker List” dialog does not display correctly (VB-104813)


[Crash] After untiling and closing tab (VB-99032)
[Crash] Crash on text input: additional fix (VB-87945)
[Crash][Extensions] Clicking the Text Blaze extension icon (VB-107067)
[Crash][Settings] Clicking on “Reset Global Permissions” button (VB-107121)
[Crash][Settings] Opening privacy settings (VB-106321)


[macOS] Maximized window size is not remembered after closing windows and quitting (VB-98746)
[macOS] Provide haptic feedback for drag and drop actions (VB-107066)
[macOS] Register ‘webcal:’ protocol handler (VB-106218)
[macOS] Update Sparkle to 2.6.3 (VB-106557)
[macOS] Upgrade the Sparkle update framework (VB-106557)
[macOS][Menus] Cannot select sub-menus from the global menu bar when periodic reloading is enabled (VB-92519)
[macOS][Menus] ‘Other Window and Tabs’ does not show the contents (VB-106345)
[macOS][Menus] ‘Other Workspaces and Tabs’ option is not working correctly (VB-106378)
[macOS][Panels] Panel not hidden when you hide UI in fullscreen mode (VB-107011)
[macOS][Popout Video] Picture in Picture on Google Meet doesn’t work (VB-99252)


[Settings] Category list acts as though it is multi-select when it is not (VB-64462)
[Settings] Clarify Mailing list grouping options (VB-106644)
[Settings] Clicking on “Reset Global Permissions” button causes an immediate crash (VB-107121)
[Settings] Opening guest window resets compact menu setting (VB-106962)
[Settings] Wrong date and time format settings (VB-106591)
[Settings][Gestures] Animation do not play for some commands (VB-107244)
[Settings][Gestures] Can not add custom gesture (VB-106939)


[Tabs] Add a “switch to this tab” button in urlfield when suggesting url that is in open tab (VB-105330)
[Tabs] Alt+click on the close button in a stack behaves unexpectedly (VB-106968)
[Tabs] Compact display style is not applied to two-level stacks with horizontal scrolling enabled (VB-107217)
[Tabs] Compact stacks broken in horizontal scrolling tab bar (VB-99751)
[Tabs] Handle Fastmail notifications special-case and improve performance (VB-105796)
[Tabs] Put the plus back where it was, on the vertical tabs (VB-105967)
[Tabs] Thumbnails should have a minimum height when shown “left” or “right” (VB-77184)
[Tabs] Various issues related to moving (VB-105807)
[Tabs] “Close Other Tabs” closes all tabs (VB-106702)
[Tabs][Commands][Workspaces] Add a command to create new workspace with selected tabs (VB-105454)
[Tabs][Periodic Reload] Improve performance (VB-107027)
[Tabs][Settings] New tab does not open at the end of the tab bar with some configurations (VB-107104)


[Workspaces] Add toggle in settings to disable switching workspaces by scrolling (VB-105673)
[Workspaces] New workspace is not properly activated after creating it with all the tabs from the current workspace (VB-105727)
[Workspaces][Menus] Cannot see other windows/workspaces or their tabs in the window menu (VB-93560)
[Workspaces][Tabs] Moving a tab to another window changes workspaces (VB-106776)


[A11y] Display command shortcuts in ToolbarButton tooltips (VB-106546)
[A11y] Screen readers don’t announce errors and warnings (VB-106311)
[Bookmarks] Bookmarking trashed items does not work in windows panel (VB-106971)
[Bookmarks] Tooltip in bookmarks bar only displays URL (VB-105646)
[Break Mode] Take a Breather: breathing animation (VB-106816)
[Break Mode][Privacy] Obscure more parts of the UI (VB-106952)
[Chromium] Upgraded to 126.0.6478.119
[Downloads] Location doesn’t update when using “Save as” (VB-106015)
[Downloads] Notify of failed downloads: e.g. network, timeout, disk, security (VB-106504)
[Favicons] Drawn as rectangles — img[src] missing, causing no fallback icon (VB-106605)
[Feeds][Address Bar] Remove feed discovery submenu (always preview feeds) (VB-102316)
[Fullscreen][Settings] Empty bar appears on top, with tab bar on the side (VB-106038)
[History][Performance] Items with very long URLs cause slow down (VB-107119)
[Languages] Add Georgian and Sinhala languages (VB-106941)
[Linux] Update appdata.xml with newer images and more information
[Menus] Wrong content in ‘Other Windows and Tabs’ (VB-105195)
[Menus] [Tabs] All ‘Close Tab’ options in context menu are missing when a pinned tab is selected/active (VB-103765)
[Panels] Closed tabs’ context menu broken in Windows Panel (VB-106967)
[Panels] Update Status button misaligned on the Panels’ side bar when restart is required (VB-105179)
[Panels] Update the web panel UA to pretend to be a more modern device
[Quick Commands] Show tip on first use (VB-106904)
[Search] Disappearing entered words in the Search field (VB-104740)
[Search] Update Private window default search to Startpage for all countries (VB-106518)
[Spatnav] Initial target is not selected on first try after navigation (VB-99160)
[Speed Dial] Drag’n’drop feels weird (VB-102372)
[Speed Dial][Settings] Click is broken if “Allow DnD Reordering” disabled (VB-107227)
[Status bar] Add a “Button On” state to Page Tiling button (VB-106570)
[Sync] Conflict after reset (VB-107056)[Themes] Allow customisation of multi state buttons (VB-96517)
[Themes] Thumbnails overlap UI if Show Tab Thumbnails activated (VB-106176)
[Toolbars] Add a separate Panel Width Spacer (VB-105362)
[Toolbars][A11y] Update the Toolbar Button shortcut on commandId props change (VB-106770)
[Translate] Incomplete translation on (VB-106323)
[UI] Better Handling of locked secure storage backends (VB-104366)
[Web Compatibility] Auth does not work when link is clicked on directly (VB-106333)
[Web Compatibility] ‘Save Page As…’ doesn’t work for some of special pages (VB-105895)
[Welcome] Add an option to import installed Chrome extensions (VB-105945)

Mail, Calendar and Feeds 2.0


[Mail] Account status in Status Popup should show live state of syncing (VB-106224)
[Mail] Add new,, and mailing list groups (VB-106646)
[Mail] Certain messages not in mailing list filter (VB-95800)
[Mail] Constraint errors when getting mail from Yahoo/AOL IMAP servers (VB-105949)
[Mail] Download mails faster and download newest mails first (VB-99073)
[Mail] Fix mailing list subfolders generated from “Subject:” (VB-106645)
[Mail] Fixes for “not queueing” warnings in flagging and filtering queues (VB-105788)
[Mail] IMAP UID FETCH: Too long argument error (VB-105650)
[Mail] Improve display of mail composed with Apple Mail (VB-34557)
[Mail] Issue with preview on demand generation (VB-107262)
[Mail] Message opened in tab does not have focus (VB-35697)
[Mail] Message saved as empty file (VB-106542)
[Mail] Prefetch progress gets stuck (VB-107346)
[Mail] Sent and imported messages displayed as 0 bytes (VB-106674)
[Mail] Sent plain text preview wrapped in HTML tags (VB-107064)
[Mail] Settings filters adding “NOT” in front of search terms (VB-106657)
[Mail] Show Email vendor icons/logo during account-adding (VB-106347)
[Mail] Strip repeating punctuation marks from previews: headline and horizontal rule notations (VB-105704)
[Mail] TypeError when searching in emails (VB-106424)
[Mail] Undo UI gets broken when scroll bar appears (VB-107254)
[Mail] When opening an email through a new mail notification the “mark as read” button is disabled (VB-87210)
[Mail] oAuth popup dialog keeps showing (VB-107077)
[Mail] “Not queuing flag update request…” warning spam (VB-105788)
[Mail] “Start Search Using Enter Key” setting not working in menu (VB-106906)
[Mail][Calendar] oAuth popup dialog keeps showing (VB-107077)
[Mail][Feeds] Panels stuck infinitely loading after db fault (VB-106920)
[Mail][Menus] Show Raw Message option in message body right-click menu is now missing (VB-106055)
[Mail][POP3] TypeError: Cannot perform %TypedArray%.prototype.indexOf on a detached ArrayBuffer (VB-106528)


[Calendar] Account name field does not display correctly (VB-106514)
[Calendar] Add the possibility to search in panel (VB-104632)
[Calendar] Default focus should be in Calendar, not Search (VB-71840)
[Calendar] Dim background for the reminder dialog (VB-106551)
[Calendar] Error deleting event on server (VB-106213)
[Calendar] Event draft is discarded when using drag and drop to edit event start time (VB-64747)
[Calendar] Events imported into existing calendar (VB-106496)
[Calendar] Import progress not reported correctly (VB-106104)
[Calendar] Improve drag handling when editing event (VB-106529)
[Calendar] New empty event not dismissed on click outside (VB-106197)
[Calendar] Panel auto closes when clicking in date picker dropdown (VB-106987)
[Calendar] Unexpected exception_event_id value (VB-106048)
[Calendar] Using mouse wheel to change event time closes dialog and switches the month view (VB-105774)
[Calendar] “Not a new action” when scrolling (VB-106049)