Changelog – Vivaldi browser 6.8 on iOS

[New] Add Enable Bookmarks Nickname Matching in address bar setting (VIB-778)

[New] Add Open In Background option for bookmarks, reading list and history (VIB-749)

[New] Customizable Start Page (VIB-452)

[New] Inactive tabs settings (VIB-451)


[Settings] Bottom toolbar settings in onboarding does not work (VIB-668)

[Settings] Supporting dark mode for markdown (VIB-786)

[Settings] Update passwords settings icon (VIB-788)

Start Page

[Start page] Add remove and rename context menu item for toolbar groups (VIB-775)

[Start page] Enable new start page by default (VIB-782)


[UI] Fix status bar and search suggestions overlap (VIB-702)

[UI] Do not allow copying when address bar is empty (VIB-692)

[UI] Do not show tracker blocker shield on start page (VIB-704)

[UI] Improve Sync UI (VIB-590)

[UI] Start syncing button looks strange when disabled. (VIB-664)

[UI] Text for Shared screen is not correct (VIB-731)


[Autocomplete] Add nickname match type label to suggestions (VIB-780)

[Gestures] Can’t swipe to close tabs settings page (VIB-706)

[Notes] Replace „view as HTML” toggle with markdown button in navigation bar (VIB-779)

[Sync] No option to reset Sync’s encryption password on the login page (VIB-669)

Upgraded to 126.0.6478.133