Changelog – Vivaldi browser 6.8 on Android

[New] Add Enable Bookmarks Nickname Matching in address bar setting (VAB-9353)

[New] Customizable Start Page (VAB-8126)

[New] Customizable button in the address toolbar (VAB-9321)


[Bookmarks][Notes] Allow Bookmarks and Notes to be sorted in both ascending and descending order (VAB-9189)

[Bookmarks] Folders don’t stay on top when navigating out and into folder (VAB-9201)


[UI] Align New Tab, Menu and Sort icons (VAB-8714)

[UI] Incorrect icon sizes and gaps (VAB-8862)

[UI] Move Progress bar above toolbar on address bar Bottom (VAB-9326)

[UI] Tab Switcher wrong color on background section (VAB-9025)

[UI] Translate Panel title misaligned (VAB-9164)


[Suggestions] Add hint to show suggestion comes from Nickname (VAB-9420)

[Translations] Add Georgian (ka) and Sinhala (si) languages (VAB-9338)

[Theme] Navigation bar in private Tab Switcher wrong theme (VAB-9305)

Upgraded to 126.0.6478.133