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Vivaldi 3.5

Vivaldi 3.5 improves tabs and media playback, adds sharing of URLs with QR code.

QR Code in Vivaldi Address Field

Share URLs using QR code

Scan QR codes and easily share URLs to other devices using a built-in QR code generator.

No need to re-type URLs, have a direct network connection between devices or sign up to your Sync account.

Look out for the small button in the Address Field, when enabled.

Spotify plays better in Vivaldi 3.5

Play video and audio better

Get smooth access to premium streaming services such as Amazon Prime HD, Spotify, Peacock TV, and other websites using the Widevine DRM technology.

Gear up for a better experience with the latest media fixes.

Enjoy overall improvements and additions

Try out new ways to manage tabs, including an improved pop-up thumbnail for Tab Stacks.

Take advantage of new menu customization options – we add shortcuts assigned to a global command to the right-click menus.

Work faster with improved Single Key Shortcuts.

Vivaldi on Android with Vivaldia game and Speed Dials.

Check out Vivaldi on Android!

Have you downloaded Vivaldi on Android? We put you in control with unique built-in features, just like on desktop. Get it now on the Google Play store!

Vivaldi 3.4

Game on! Vivaldi launches a powerful new version. Ready to play?

Ready for some fun?

Play Vivaldia, a real 80s-style arcade game integrated in Vivaldi browser.

Play offline and online. With gamepad support. Also available on Vivaldi on Android.

Configurable context menu Vivaldi browser.

Configure context menus, add custom links

You asked, we implemented! You can now rearrange, add or remove actions in the context menus (right-click menus) to tailor to your browsing needs.

Add custom entries to the context menus, e.g. add any preferred site via an “Open link” command.

Start customizing now by heading to Settings > Appearance > Menu.

Vivaldi browser 3.4 look.

Set websites to periodic reloading

Ensure you are on the latest version of a website by activating Periodic Reload.

To try it: Right-click on a Tab, select ”Periodic Reload of Tab” and choose from available reload intervals.