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Vivaldi 4.2

Translate a block of text privately. 🔏

The built-in Vivaldi Translate goes a notch higher bridging language barriers.

Simply select any text on a web page that you visit and choose Translate Selection from the right-click menu. 💪

That QR love – are you feeling it? 💖

Now, display a QR code that allows you to quickly share the page to another device, using Quick Commands, Keyboard Shortcuts, or Mouse Gestures.

We are loving the Cinnamon flavor. 😍

Are you on Linux? 🐧

Discover Vivaldi as the default browser on the arch-based Linux distribution Manjaro’s Cinnamon Edition. 🎉

One more privacy-friendly search engine? 🙂

Our love and list for privacy-friendly search engines are growing. 🌾

🔊 Our friends in the US, we’ve added a new search Neeva to our list of default search engines. 🔍

Get a totally ad-free search experience, now on both desktop and Android. 😎

Vivaldi 4.1

Make Accordion Tabs rock 🎵

They are here! 🎉Accordion Tabs join our wide range of tab handling.

Tab overload? Accordion Tabs allow you to expand and collapse a tab stack with a click.

For vertical screen real estate, Accordion Tabs is just right. ✅

Tab Stacks, a variety of sorts ✨

We ❤ Tab Stacks. We also ❤ options. Choose from three different Tab Stack styles: Compact, Two-Level (Double-Decker tabs 😍), and now Accordion.

Play the Accordion Tabs, your way 🎼

Enable the Accordion Tabs in Settings → Tabs.
Prefer your accordions to stay open? Use the arrow button. For full control, turn off Auto-Expand in the settings.

The ultra-cool Command Chains 🔗

Command Chains run multiple actions  – such as opening a few websites and tiling (split-screen view of tabs) them automatically – all in just one go!

Choose from 200+ browser commands to build your own shortcuts, workflows, and browser modes, improving your productivity.

Roll your commands 🥁

Literally endless possibilities! Create as many Command Chains as you like.

Trigger the group of commands as a Chain from Quick Commands (click F2-key or Command E), or assign the Chain a custom Keyboard Shortcut or Mouse Gesture.
Add Command Chains to the fully customizable Menus. 🔥

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