Vivaldi 5.2

Reader’s rejoice! Reading List on-the-go. 🚶

Your wish is our command! We’ve got the Reading List on your phone so that you enjoy your favorite stories.

Save pages that you want to read later. As the Reading List is built-in, you can use it immediately – no service signup is required. 📖

Just like Vivaldi on desktop, the Reading List on Android maintains a page’s read/unread state. Really makes it easy to toss pages that are already read. 😍

Carry on reading. Sync all the great stories across devices👏

Easily sync your Reading List across multiple devices using Vivaldi Sync.

Now read stories you saved on your phone on your desktop and vice versa. That’s VERY cool. 😂

To use Sync, sign in with a Vivaldi Account to securely sync your data, with end-to-end encryption across devices including cars. Yes, you heard that right! 😂

Switch up your translations skills with Vivaldi Translate😇

You’ll love this perfect sidekick for learning and clear communication. ❤️

Translate text or web pages at once with the Translate Panel. And its one-step auto-translate is simply 🔥, translating text snippets instantly, without any additional clicks. 

Type or paste any text in the panel, choose the source and translation languages and tap ’Translate’. Psst! If the text is long, Vivaldi will detect the source language automatically. 😉

All recent translations get saved in the history and are easily accessible via Panels.

Do a lot more with Vivaldi Translate ✨

What you browse shouldn’t be limited by language, no matter which device you use. That’s why we have Vivaldi Translate, an unconventional feature in mobile browsers.

Select any text for translation on a web page that you visit, have the ability to see both the original and translated text at the same time, as well as change the source and target languages.

Did we hear applause? 👏

Search with Qwant 🔍

We love to give choices when it comes to search – including a way to opt-out of search engines that profit from your private data. 🙇🏽

Good news! 🥰 The privacy-focused search Qwant joins our list of default search engines, both on desktop and Android. Head to the Settings > Search and choose your favorite search engine. 😺

Vivaldi 5.1

Get color crazy with more Themes. 🤩

Move on from the usual light, dark, and the system’s default theme! 

Pick from adaptive, 4 presets, or your own custom color. Change the accent color to suit your mood or let your imagination go wild. 🌈

To add more color, flair, and personal style, go to Settings → Appearance → Theme → Accent color.

Tailor the Tab Width. 🧵

Are shrinkable tabs too small for comfort for you?

No worries! Since one size does not fit all, you can adjust the tab width just the way you prefer. 😲

To define a minimum tab size, go to Settings → Tabs and set the desired minimum tab width.

Note: This option works only when you have the ‘Show tab as favicon’ setting disabled.

Did some one say speed?! 🤔

Tell him that we are faster than before! 😍

Got a lot of tabs open? No slowing down now.

Because we have improved the speed even with a lot of tabs open.

And we’ve also got Vivaldi 5.1 on the desktop ready for you with some really cool features. All here. ✨

Where do we stand on cryptocurrency?

When you strip away the hype, virtual currencies have very real repercussions for people, society, and the environment.

We refuse to dress these scams up as opportunities. Read our stance and share with someone who resonates with our thoughts.