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Who doesn't love a fast and fun browser? Here's the new Vivaldi! ✨

Vivaldi shines brighter on phones, Chromebooks, and tablets.🎉

Manage your Tabs and Tab Stacks way better, know the number of trackers and ads that follow you, continue to play background audio, disable auto-play videos, and lots more in a colorful and faster Vivaldi!  

Go big on a tablet with a flexible UI that includes a built-in Panel. See more about why screen optimization and usability are important to us here.

Download Vivaldi from Google Play Store and Uptodown, and rate us with 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Check out Vivaldi on desktop with the new Workspaces and Custom Icons.🙌

We build the browser. You make it a home.🏡

We want you to see Vivaldi as your home on the internet, so it should reflect your personality, preferences, and needs. And the newest update on the desktop is all about that!

Work or play, separate tabs into different workspaces for more focus and overhaul the browser’s total look.  Find out more about it here.