Vivaldi Changelog

Changelog from version 3.0 to 3.1


  • [New][Menus][Settings] “Configurable Menus”
  • [New][Notes] Full page “Notes Manager”

Address Bar 

  • [Address bar] Mic and Camera permissions are not triggered on some sites (VB-65013)
  • [Address bar][Search field] Can’t use arrow keys to select suggestions when Num Lock is on (VB-52978)
  • [Address bar][Sync][User profiles] Profile button invisible when signed in (VB-59399)
  • [Address bar][URL field] Blinks when closing the typed history with Esc (VB-64150)


  • [Blocker] Add support for WebRTC blocking (VB-68017)
  • [Blocker] Importing locally stored tracking/adblocking lists fails (VB-66311)
  • [Blocker] Reload page when protection level is changed (VB-68179)
  • [Blocker][Themes][Settings] Invisible values in a drop-down menu with dark themes (VB-68316)


  • [Bookmarks] Default bookmark folder names should use the GUI language (VB-67384)
  • [Bookmarks][Menus][macOS] Bookmark does not open in a new tab via top menu (VB-67239)


  • [Clock] Localized dates wrongly formatted (VB-65948)
  • [Clock] Missing month and year in PT-BR short date (VB-67686)


  • [Keyboard] On the website, when I press the key ESC nothing happens (VB-67430)
  • [Keyboard][macOS] ⌘T should open a new tab when no windows are open (VB-66162)


  • [Media] AV1 videos fail (VB-64648)
  • [Media] Doesn’t always leave full-screen mode after closing a full-screen video (VB-62177)
  • [Media][Linux] Update proprietary codecs to 81.0.4044.138
  • [Media][Windows] Add proprietary media availability detection and warning to users running Windows N-versions (VB-62670)


  • [Menus] Alt-key plus key does not open sub-menus (VB-65700)
  • [Menus] Horizontal menu does not get checkmark in menu when enabled (VB-67974)
  • [Menus][Crash] The browser can crash when closing the main menu (VB-67985)
  • [Menus][Extensions] Missing context menus (VB-29932)


  • [Notes][Panels] Cannot add address (VB-68261)
  • [Notes][Panels] Edit Note Address via right-click context menu (VB-68354)


  • [Panels] Reload causes the main page to reload instead of the web panel (VB-64273)
  • [Panels] Toggle is not shown for a panel at the right side (VB-63240)


  • [Settings] Add Mouse Gesture command selection drop-down broken (VB-67265)
  • [Settings] Columns in the password manager are misplaced (VB-65376)
  • [Settings] Copy list origin doesn’t work (VB-68041)
  • [Settings] Modal view cannot be dismissed by outside click in settings popup (VB-67365)
  • [Settings] Move Updates into General settings category (VB-67185)
  • [Settings] Sort-able list keyboard navigation not working in settings popup (VB-67351)
  • [Settings] Window is blank when opened from a private window (VB-65717)
  • [Settings] “Suggestions in Address Field” cannot be changed from privacy settings (VB-67353)
  • [Settings][Status bar] Play Image Animation option order is mixed up (VB-67906)
  • [Settings][Win][Linux] Enable “Remove tab spacing in maximized window” by default (VB-63069)
  • [Settings][macOS] Make silent auto-update ON by default: can be disabled in settings (VB-65832)
  • [Settings][macOS] Move “Enable JavaScript from Apple Events” to settings (VB-454849)

Spatial Navigation

  • [Spatial Navigation] Better handling of images inside links


  • [Sync] Make various UI settings sync-able (VB-66172)


  • [Tabs] Cannot reach close buttons in vertical tab stack tool-tip (VB-58734)
  • [Tabs] Right-click Close Tab Fails in a Tab Stack (VB-67041)
  • [Tabs][Crash] While trying to close the tiled tab (VB-56868)
  • [Tabs][Windows][Linux] Gradient color show behind tabs (VB-67174)
  • [Tabs][macOS] Closing the last tab anytime during/after full-screen also closes a tab in the next active window (VB-67389)


  • [Themes] Accent color not fetched from favicon on some sites (VB-66634)
  • [Themes] No visual indicator on selected Light and Blue background colors (VB-64765)
  • [Themes][Regression] Not enough space for speed dial background names (VB-65908)

User Interface 

  • [UI] Only focus-able elements in popup should be focused via Tab key (VB-66786)
  • [UI] Partial button in blocked cookies dialog (VB-59241)


  • [Windows] Use the native system for geolocation: enable first in Windows settings (VB-65329)
  • [Windows] Visual glitch in tab with the audio icon (VB-63898)


  • [History] Date being formatted as “maio, 27 2020AM” (VB-67973)


  • [Crash] On Google Meet (VB-67513)
  • [Developer Tools] “Shift+I” opens a new DevTools instance (VB-63935)
  • [Extensions] Audiocapture popup shows when using Loom (VB-68170)
  • [Extensions] Icon is not shown if extension has no page or browser action (VB-60321)
  • [Extensions] Loom gives the error message: “Allow access to your ..” (VB-67033)
  • [Regression] Dead bird shown without crash on closing (VB-63880)
  • [Regression] Slow page load performance (VB-67537)
  • [Regression] Toolbar button ellipsis does not show (VB-66335)
  • [Regression] YouTube fullscreen not fully left after Esc (VB-67651)
  • [Security] Certain peripherals can be detected by a page even if it cannot use them (VB-67897)
  • [Session Manager] Does not open tabs when opening session (VB-62494)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 83.0.4103.98
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