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See what’s new in Vivaldi

🍫 Address and Tab Bars, take it to the bottom or top

Nobody does it like Vivaldi!

Place the Address and Tab Bars at the bottom or top. With a configurable Address Bar and Tab Bar (unique real desktop-style tabs), you can make the user interface your own and keep the browser functionality within easy reach.

Head to Settings > Tabs, and pick your choice of the Address Bar Position. Or simply revert to its original placement if it does not fit in a certain workflow. 


🧱Personalize your Start Page with custom wallpapers

Your Start Page is not boring anymore.

Show your personal style by adding your custom images as wallpapers. Whether it is an image of your cat, a cherished photo, or any image from your phone album, you can make the Start Page your own. There are also preloaded wallpapers that you can choose from.

Personalize your Start Page by heading to Settings > Appearance, and add your preferred custom image as a wallpaper with a tap on the plus button. 

🎨Dynamic accent color for webpages

All set to get the “wow” factor in your browser?

Enjoy the signature feature of Vivaldi where the user interface matches the colors of the webpage that you are visiting.

Now the Tab Bar background and Status Bar background (when the bottom Address Bar is enabled) show the dynamic colors of the webpage. If the webpage doesn’t return any color it falls back to the default color.


🔍View search suggestions, your way

We like to adapt to your preferences.

That is why you can view your search suggestions, just the way you prefer! The default view shows the search results starting at the top of the screen.

But if you fancy your search results closer to your keyboard? Flip ’em with  “Reverse search suggestion order”. This new option works when the Address Bar is at the bottom and can be enabled under Tabs in Settings.


🔏Full browser History Sync, encrypted

Keep your browsing history close, no matter the device!

Vivaldi now syncs your full browser History so that you never lose that article you read on your laptop or an iPad.

All the web pages that you’ve visited are available across all your devices when you are logged into Vivaldi Sync. All data in Vivaldi Sync is fully end-to-end encrypted. 

It is easy to create a Vivaldi Sync account. Read how you can get it.