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Neler Yeni

Hello Speed! Enjoy a faster Vivaldi after a massive code refactoring. 🎉

You’ve got speed! But how?

By enabling browser windows through React portals, we’ve reduced memory usage, and significantly improved overall performance. You’ll experience a noticeable change in speed especially when you open a new window, and also navigate tabs across different windows. Even the Pop-up Windows appear and open up faster now!

This multi-layered Portal project represents a monumental undertaking, and we are immensely proud of what we have achieved.

Get ready to enjoy a faster Vivaldi.

Say good-bye to slow-opening windows.👋

Whether you use Shortcuts, Menus, or Quick Commands, the portal-aware functionality ensures a noticeable increase in speed when opening a new window.

The exact speed increase will depend on your setup. But during our internal tests, we observed a 37% increase in the opening of new windows compared to the previous version. And when compared to an older 2018 version, windows now open a remarkable 64% faster. Wow!

Note: These results were achieved with a new profile on a machine equipped with a 2GHz Intel Core i3 processor.


Take charge of your web journey with customizable Address Field suggestions🏑

Now you have the freedom to prioritize the order of the drop-down menu, tailoring it to your specific needs. Head to the Address Bar Settings, and hide categories and select their priority.

Whether it’s bookmarks, typed history, nicknames, browser history, or search,  make your browsing experience more personal.

Oh, BTW, Address Field suggestions are something that you’ll find only in Vivaldi. So, get, set, type…! 

Quickly wipe your recent browsing history. 😎

Not all history is fun! That is why we have a new handy button in the History Panel.

This will let you quickly purge your recent or entire browsing history and data. With just a click, you can maintain your privacy and keep your browsing experience clutter-free.

So browse without any stress and learn more about our History Panel.


Discover the Feed Reader in the Address Field 💪

The news feeds are more discoverable now, with feeds being detected on more websites. We did this because we care about the open web and believe in open standards.

Click the feed icon in the Address Field to follow updates from most of your favorite news publishers and blogs right in Vivaldi.

Build your own news feed and skip the algorithms, and follow YouTubers without a Google Account, or your favorite Flickr and Tumblr, or even mix your YouTube and blog subscriptions.

Take control of what you want to see and read. More here.

Try out new mail filters in Vivaldi Mail, your built-in email client.✉️

Who needs folders when you can get every single email — whether sent, spam, or deleted — in a single view. 😊

By default, the “Vertical Layout” now has a drop-down menu with textual descriptions, ensuring you can easily differentiate between similar-looking icons with different functionalities.

But if you prefer individual icons, you still have the option to display them. Head to “Settings → Mail Settings → Filter View Buttons,” and customize your Mail filters to suit your preferences.

After all, we are all about options. Right?

Come make new friends on Vivaldi Social, our social media platform. 👯

The truth is that there is a good social network that exists! 😉

Vivaldi Social, our instance on Mastodon.

Just log in with your Vivaldi account to join the fun. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up here!

Any new platform or task may get overwhelming in the start but in no time things falls into place. This mini crash course will get you up to speed on Vivaldi Social and Mastodon. Enjoy!