Vivaldi 5.1

Get color crazy with more Themes. 🤩

Move on from the usual light, dark, and the system’s default theme! 

Pick from adaptive, 4 presets, or your own custom color. Change the accent color to suit your mood or let your imagination go wild. 🌈

To add more color, flair, and personal style, go to Settings → Appearance → Theme → Accent color.

Tailor the Tab Width. 🧵

Are shrinkable tabs too small for comfort for you?

No worries! Since one size does not fit all, you can adjust the tab width just the way you prefer. 😲

To define a minimum tab size, go to Settings → Tabs and set the desired minimum tab width.

Note: This option works only when you have the ‘Show tab as favicon’ setting disabled.

Did some one say speed?! 🤔

Tell him that we are faster than before! 😍

Got a lot of tabs open? No slowing down now.

Because we have improved the speed even with a lot of tabs open.

And we’ve also got Vivaldi 5.1 on the desktop ready for you with some really cool features. All here. ✨

Where do we stand on cryptocurrency?

When you strip away the hype, virtual currencies have very real repercussions for people, society, and the environment.

We refuse to dress these scams up as opportunities. Read our stance and share with someone who resonates with our thoughts.

Vivaldi 5.0

Take tabs to a new level. 😻

Double the fun. Double! But no trouble. 😂

Double up your Tab Bar with Two-Level Tab Stacks – a first in Android browsers – and say goodbye to your tab woes! 👋

What’s better than one? Hmmm, two. ✌

Life’s sorted, Two-Level Tab Stacks are here. ⛱

Long-press the New Tab button and select “New Tab Stack”. Boom – a new stack/group is created, with the current tab and one new additional tab.

You can also create a group of tabs from the Tab Switcher. While looking at the tab thumbnails, simply drag one tab on top of another to create a new stack.

Your desktop browser might be getting jealous of all this functionality if we’re not careful. So play it cool.

Tweak that Tab Bar. 🔨

More flexibility = more fun!

Browse with more room on big and small screens.

The new options in the Tab Settings include smaller tabs for faster access to tabs. By removing the close button on all but the active tab, each tab can become as small as a favicon. That’s pretty small.

Head to Settings and discover more!

You know that old saying… Variety is the spice of life (and browsing). 🔥

Who’s in the mood for a kick-ass tablet browser? 🎯

Got a 10-incher? Not satisfied with what other browsers do for you on a tablet?

The new Vivaldi is a big first step in optimizing specifically for tablets and Chromebooks. 

Check out the brand-new, super flexible design – including a side Panel – to optimize your screen space better. Work with your History, Downloads, Bookmarks, and Notes in split-screen with your main browser window. 🙌

Say hello to glorious browsing on your tablet! 🌟

Shine a little light. 🔦  

Dark mode fans, listen up!

When you have dark mode for web pages enabled, you’ll now find an option in the menu to turn the light theme on for the current site. 🎩

Do more with Notes. 🎵

More options are music to our ears!

Append to Note lets you add selected text to an existing Note. Easy peasy.

New to Notes? Learn more on this Help Page.

They’re calling it the “season of Themes.”😍

Vivaldi on desktop just got Theme Sharing, a built-in Translate Panel with automatic translation, and more!

Trust us, you are on the bright side. 🤗

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