Vivaldi 5.7

Vivaldi is faster!⚡

Are you drowned in 100+ tabs deep?

Starting Vivaldi with hundreds of tabs is now much faster than its previous version – thanks to a lot of under-the-hood browser improvements.

No matter how you choose to browse, your experience should be smooth.

Slow claps, please!👏

Play audio when Vivaldi runs in the background. 🎵

This news sounds SO GOOD. 😍

Vivaldi doesn’t just let you stream YouTube videos/audio in the background but audio from any site in the background.

To enable the feature, go to the General section in Vivaldi Settings and enable the “Allow background audio playback”.

Disable autoplay for video. 🎥

You heard that right! Now video autoplay is disabled by default.

In case you want to turn it on, find the option “Autoplay videos” under Settings and scroll down to Site settings.

No more getting startled by an unexpected, loud autoplay video.

Here’s to happier browsing!😀

Get the most out of Vivaldi’s unique user interface. 🔍

The more scalable UI is designed aptly for tablets, Chromebooks, and screens in cars. 🚗

Now you have the ability to scale the UI on your device.

It works well on phones and tablets but is particularly useful for cars since they have different screen sizes. Now, the values will adjust for the best screen fit.

Remember to sync your data. 🔏

If you have not enabled Sync, brief reminder dialogs will appear after you browse with Vivaldi for a certain amount of time – after 10 hours of combined usage of Vivaldi or the third time a user opens Vivaldi. 

Clicking the “Enable Sync” button will open Sync Settings.

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Vivaldi on Android 5.6

Introducing the Customizable Menu Bar 🎉

You can easily rearrange, add or remove the functions that you need or use more often, tailoring the Menu Bar to your individual workflow.

Choose from 2 menu bar presets or make your own custom menu bar displaying up to 5 items.

To customize your menu bar, head to “Settings → General → Menu”. 

Save a few taps with auto-focus in the URL Bar😎

Yes! This click saver puts the focus on the URL field when you open a new tab, and displays the keyboard, so you can start typing immediately. The Start Page remains accessible, should you need it.

To enable, go to Settings > Tabs and select Focus Address Bar on New Tab.

Speed Dials, now in just the right size ✨

Small Speed Dials are the new default, so more dials are visible on the screen, in a sleeker display.

However, you can choose from a variety of Speed Dial layouts (Large, Small, Speed Dial List) as you prefer.

More about Speed Dials.

The Keyboard Accessory view ⌨

Show Keyboard Accessory view, hides or shows this view.

And, for quicker logins, the autofill key, enabled by default, will appear above the keyboard once you click into the username or password field.

Simply go to Settings > Appearance and enable “Show Keyboard Accessory View”.

YOU have a new search engine🔍

Because we like to offer a range of privacy-friendly search engines in our browser, we’ve added, to our list of integrated default search engines

At present, the search engine option is only available for Vivaldi users in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Read more in a detailed blog.

Quick access to Vivaldi Social, our Mastodon instance.🐘

Get connected to Vivaldi Social from the browser – just tap on the new Vivaldi Social Speed Dial.

Using Vivaldi? Use your Vivaldi Account credentials to log in to Vivaldi Social. Or head to to sign up for free. 

New to Mastodon? Know more about it here. And check out our browser integration of Mastodon on desktop.

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