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What's New

Say goodbye to those pesky bugs. 🪲

And, say yes to smoother browsing with an improved Vivaldi!

We’ve polished the Bookmarks and Sync functionalities, and given more love to tablets and Chromebooks they deserve. You’ll also find the Tracker and Ad Blocker dialog look and feel even better with a new dialog.

Head to the blog to know more.

Vivaldi's desktop has got speed! ⚡

You cannot miss this update because we’ve made Vivaldi faster when you open a new window!

By enabling browser windows through React portals, we’ve reduced memory usage, and significantly improved overall performance. Too heavy? Read about our multi-layered Portal project.

We observed a 37% increase in the opening of new windows compared to the previous version on a new profile, but the exact speed increase will depend on your setup.



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