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👏 Full browser history Sync (encrypted!)

Vivaldi Sync now synchronizes your full browser History. Access it from the History Panel and Address Bar.

Now you can find all web pages that you have previously visited across all your devices. Previous versions only synced the webpages and searches you had typed into the Address Bar.

All your data is end-to-end encrypted between your devices. Vivaldi cannot read it on our servers – nor can anyone but you access your data! Learn more about Vivaldi Sync

🔒 Private Tab gets a separate search engine setting

Set your default search engine separately for regular tabs and private tabs.

You may be comfortable with one search engine for your everyday browsing but prefer a different search engine when you want stronger privacy. We give you a wide selection of default search engines to choose from.

Go to Settings – Search engine – Private Tab and select your preferred default search engine.

🔎 New option in Search Engine Shortcuts

We make using multiple search engines easy with shortcuts also known as Search Engine Nicknames, a fan favorite, also on Vivaldi on desktop.

Unique to Vivaldi, these shortcuts let you quickly jump between search engines by typing the assigned letter in front of your search term, followed by a space.

Now you can either turn the feature on or off (to avoid any kind of annoyance) as per your liking. This option is enabled by default.


🚓 Vivaldi in your Volvo

Do you drive a Volvo? You are in luck.

Now that our automotive browser is available on Google Play, more car manufacturers that use Android Automotive can access the browser.

Many drivers of Volvo and cars that use Android Automotive have been asking about Vivaldi’s availability to them. So now they are a happy bunch.

More on this here.




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