Vivaldi 5.5 on Android

👋Say hello to the new welcome flow

First-time user? Meet these quick steps for setting up your browser.

Get kickstarted straight into browsing or customize the browser to make it yours!

Our goal is to provide flexibility in the way you browse. Position your tab and address bars at the top or bottom, quickly and easily. 

View your tabs, your way. Either through Vivaldi’s Tab Switcher or the real, desktop-style tabs. 🎉

But wait, there’s more!

Add some personality to your browsing by choosing between dark or light modes or system default Themes.

Meet Vivaldi’s Tracker and Ad Blocker and shun annoying ads and unnecessary tracking.

Because your privacy is top priority, we do not track you or profile your behavior while you browse with Vivaldi on Android or desktop.

So ready to make Vivaldi your default? You have that option too. 🤩

Up your performance with auto-closing inactive tabs 😎

Tend to open a lot of tabs and forget to close them? Go to SettingsTabs and find “Automatically Close Tabs” to choose when Vivaldi should prompt you to close inactive tabs.

Another way to close inactive tabs is to tap on the “Close inactive tabs” button in Settings, without waiting to be notified.

How you handle your tabs is up to you — close them or simply keep them the way they are. That said, closing all inactive tabs improves performance and extends battery life. 🙌

An even-better user interface 😍

At every step, we are improving Vivaldi by polishing existing features.

In this update, you will find the user interface of Themes much improved.

Also, the floating buttons in the Panel have been worked upon.

Just a bit about Panels: tap on the Panels button on the left side of the Toolbar at the bottom of the screen to discover 5 Panels – Bookmarks, History, Notes, Downloads, and Translate.

Live Stream on YouTube. Mark your calendar (Vivaldi calendar, even better!😂)

Let’s talk about the new and shiny version on Android this Friday, 14th Oct 15:00 CET. Bring your questions and great spirits! See you there. 👋

Vivaldi 5.4

Privacy Statistics, more visible 👀

Do you know, how many trackers and ads actually follow you? 😱

Our new counters in the Tracker and Ad Blocker dialog give you a reality check on the number of trackers and ads being blocked from profiling.

Read more.

Another tab option? This time it is “close other tabs”. 🤗

Love working with tabs so much that you often forget to keep tabs on how many of them are left open?

Now clean up your Tab Bar by closing all other tabs, except the currently open one with the new “close other tabs” option.

Access this option from the Tabs Switcher and Tabs menu.

More on tabs here.

What’s on the menu? Restructured and looking good.

We heard you! Now you can navigate better with the Vivaldi menu.

Your feedback helped us in restructuring and reordering the menu entries.

Now, spot how to bookmark your favorite page much more easily, and access the Panels from the menu and navigate easier.

Explore Vivaldi Settings.

Zoom, Mute, and more on Web Panels, on desktop 😎

For your viewing pleasure, the Web Panels have a zoom functionality on your desktop. 🔍

And just like the way you can mute tabs, now turn off the sound in Web Panels. Simply right-click and Mute Panel. 😀

What’s more? Reorder and customize Web Panels in different widths, reload them periodically, and float them for screen optimization! Read more.

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