Vivaldi on Android: Announcing Beta 2

Tap, swipe and scroll your way with the updated beta version of Vivaldi on Android.

OSLO, Norway – December 5th, 2019: The Vivaldi browser releases its first major update to its beta version on Android – Beta 2.

After its successful debut in mobile browsing, Vivaldi offers fresh additions to its features and a variety of fixes so that users can navigate the Web better on their mobile devices.

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What’s new in Beta 2

A lot of tinkering has been done in every aspect of the browser so that users can get the most out of their browsing on their mobile devices. Some of the areas where significant progress has been made include:

Enhanced Vivaldi Settings: There are new useful additions to the Settings window that can be accessed through the Vivaldi menu such as:

  • Swipe to close tabs: One of the top requests now lets users get clean house with a quick swipe by enabling Swipe to Close Tabs in Settings. To see it in action, open the Tab Switcher and swipe left or right on a tab to close it.

  • Show scrollbars on internal pages: Users can enable this option in the Settings and visually see how far down the page they are.

Greater customization of Start Page: Vivaldi’s Start Page allows users to access their favorite sites and organize bookmarks quicker using Speed Dials. Now more can be done with the following: 

  • Drag and drop to rearrange Speed Dials and get to sites even quicker.
  • Add and edit Speed Dials with a long-press to see the context menu with options to “Edit” or “Delete” that Speed Dial.
  • Add a new Speed Dial to the current folder with a tap on the ‘+’ button. Or, long-press the ‘+’ button to either add a new Speed Dial or a new Speed Dial folder.

Browse with ‘Always Show Desktop Site’: Once enabled in the Settings, any new tab that a user wants to open (or currently have open) will display the desktop version of the site being visited.

Take out the trash at one go: Delete all “deleted” Bookmarks and Notes with a single tap. By using the “Empty Trash” icon on the right side of the respective trash screens clears all deleted items at once.

Search more creatively: Vivaldi’s search widget lets users use the default engine of Vivaldi from their device’s home screen.

Refreshed User Interface: Icons for the main toolbars and background have been refined by making them thinner, adding more consistency across the UI.

Better Stability: In addition to squashing bugs and polishing rough edges, a lot of ‘under the hood’ changes complementing the code have been implemented.

Hello, Chromebook!: Vivaldi now runs on a Chromebook. This is great and also just the beginning as there is more work to be done on the User Interface.

“We want Vivaldi to be a great experience for our users on their mobile devices,” says Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner. “And we are working towards packing more functionality into it based on their invaluable feedback. “

* * *

To try out the Beta 2 version of Vivaldi, download Vivaldi Beta on Google Play. Vivaldi supports Android devices running version 5 and up. Work on the Tablet UI is in progress. Stay tuned for more developments.


Get it on Google Play


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