Vivaldi launches third Technical Preview

Vivaldi launched its newest Technical Preview today with a focus on productivity. Tab tiles, page actions, mouse gestures and better note taking combine to underscore Vivaldi’s singular focus to build a better browser for the web’s savviest users. Download it from

Tab Stack Tiling

Today many of us sit in front of widescreen displays. Shouldn’t a browser take full advantage of that? Vivaldi introduces tab stack tiles, a better way of browsing on large screens. Take your tabs and display them in multiple columns, rows, or even a grid. Perfect for comparison shopping, easy information tracking and generally doing more browsing in less time.

Better Notes

Did you know Vivaldi lets you take notes alongside web pages as you browse them? Easily remember where you saw that perfect quote for your thesis. Take a screenshot, just in case the page changes, and add any other attachments as needed. Also great for keeping track of your ticket orders.

Page Actions

Vivaldi is all about putting you in control over your browsing. On a slow network? Turn on image loading on demand and only load images and videos that you really want to see. Text too small and image details hard to see? Zoom it all up from the handily available zoom control. Want to change how the page looks in general? Try out Page Actions that block content, make it 3D or change colors.

Mouse Gestures

Mouse gestures make you much more efficient by using a combination of mouse movements and clicks. Open links in new tabs, navigate faster through your history, and more – all done much faster through the power of mouse gestures.

But wait, there’s more…

And we mean it. More languages (Up to 40 languages now, including Persian among several others not supported in Google Chrome). More improvements to spatial navigation. More UI enhancements. More bugs squashed. Less can sometimes be more. But when it comes to building the best power tool on the web, we firmly believe more is more. Did we mention you can now import your browsing data from more browsers?

“Vivaldi is a serious tool for the people who need to get the most out of the web,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Vivaldi Technologies. “It’s not just about productivity. It’s about helping people take control over how they want to experience and use the web. We believe in putting our users first.”


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