Vivaldi 1.1 Launches with Tab Improvements, Better Import

Coming just three weeks after Vivaldi 1.0 debuted to worldwide acclaim, Vivaldi today released an upgrade with a number of improvements to tabs, better import of bookmarks for older browsers, and more. If you already use Vivaldi, you’ll be prompted to upgrade automatically. To download Vivaldi 1.1, visit

Vivaldi 1.1

Here’s what’s new in Vivaldi 1.1:

Better tab handling

You can now choose how tabs will open if they are cloned or stacked. Closing of tabs has a new twist – hold ALT + click on the tab close button to close all other tabs. You can also adjust tab activation options upon closing a tab. For instance, you can choose whether to automatically activate the tab to the right or left.

Better tab hibernation

One thing we heard loud and clear from the Vivaldi 1.0 launch a few weeks ago – users love to hibernate tabs. So we now let you hibernate an entire Tab Stack. You can also select to hibernate tabs by Ctrl or Shift clicking on the tab.

Calling Opera 12 users

A lot of people keep using Opera 12, and we can’t blame them. After all, we helped build it. Now we’ve added Speed Dial import from Opera 12 to Vivaldi. Hopefully this will convince some hold-outs to try a fully modern browser.

And more

We updated to Chromium 50, which brings in the latest standards support. We also fixed a number of bugs and made general improvements to speed and stability.

You can read the full changelog here:

“Seeing the global reaction to Vivaldi 1.0 just three weeks ago tells me the world is ready for a different kind of browser,”
said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Vivaldi Technologies.

“People want a browser with more options and features, not one that’s watered down. They want a browser that will adapt to them, not force them to change their ways of doing things. Our new release today proves we are pushing forward, not resting, until we deliver a browser that everyone can say is made just for them. That’s our mission, and we’re pleased so many people agree.”

Download Vivaldi


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