Desktop Snapshots

Wall with the words silencio and silence

Mute button for Pop-out Video – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1964.3

Haziran 30, 2020

This snapshot adds a mute button to the pop-out video (Picture-In-Picture [PiP]) window.

Waves crashing on a beach

Extension crash fix – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1959.3

Haziran 25, 2020

The last snapshot had a crash related to extensions lacking an icon, so this is a small update to resolve that.

Razer Chroma performance fix – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1957.9

Haziran 23, 2020

Today’s snapshot includes a fix for a serious performance issue affecting Razer Chroma users and bumps Chromium.

Catalina airport landing strip

Media fixes for macOS – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1952.3

Haziran 18, 2020

Today’s snapshot includes a fix for media playback on macOS for Catalina uses.

Two apples

Side-by-side installation of Vivaldi on macOS – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1950.3

Haziran 16, 2020

Today’s snapshot introduces a more distinct “Snapshot” stream for macOS users, so that they can now have stable and snapshot builds side-by-side.

Norwegian Blue Parrot

Vivaldi 3.1 RC 2 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 1929.28/29

Haziran 10, 2020

Today’s snapshot is the second release candidate for 3.1 for desktop and notebooks.

Clouds in a blue sky

Vivaldi 3.1 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 1929.23/25

Haziran 9, 2020

Today’s snapshot is the first release candidate for 3.1 for desktop and notebooks.

Closing in on 3.1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1929.21

Haziran 8, 2020

Today’s snapshot contains a few more fixes before we move to RC status.

Menu and Notes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1929.19

Haziran 5, 2020

Today’s snapshot continues to push us closer to final, and so includes fixes to the new 3.1 features, plus a minor Chromium bump.

Stabilization for 3.1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1929.13

Haziran 3, 2020

Today’s snapshot focuses on fixes as we prepare for an update to our stable branch.

Fix for Windows media issues – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1929.3

Mayıs 28, 2020

Today’s snapshot fixes the issue with videos on Windows (present in the last two snapshots), meaning that autoupdate can now be re-enabled.

Configurable menus and full page notes manager – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1921.3

Mayıs 20, 2020

Today’s snapshot introduces the two new features for the upcoming stable release, configurable menus and a new, more advanced notes manager.

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