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More power. More platforms 💪

Did you know that you can now sync your data securely to your iPhone and iPad? Because your favorite browser is now on iOS.

Whether browsing on a desktop, Android, iOS, or even in a car, we’ve got you covered!

We ensure that your Bookmarks, Passwords, typed History, open Tabs, Reading List, and Notes are always in sync. Plus, some settings like the search engines can also be synced.

Your data is end-to-end encrypted and stored in our servers in Iceland. Read all about it here.

Pop-out Videos and stay in control 🎞️

Whether you’re catching up on your favorite YouTube channels, binge-watching Netflix, or enjoying live streams on Twitch, our Pop-out Video (Picture-in-Picture) ensures that you never miss a moment.

You now have the full volume level controls for the Pop-Out Video player, a functionality that you have been waiting for!

You can also mute sound through Quick Commands or other shortcuts and through Tab context menus!

Enjoy your favorite shows, and know more about our Pop-out Video.

Manage your schedules with Calendar Templates 🗓️

Templates make it quicker to create common events that may not fit a specific rule of recurrence.

Head to the Calendar Settings to create new event templates so future events can be added in fewer clicks. Apply the template, fill in any missing details, and save.

For example, you can create templates such as birthdays that re-occur yearly, a 30-minute-long meeting, or even a reminder for a doctor’s appointment. Create a new template from scratch or reuse any existing event, helping you save time and stay on top of your schedules.

Calendar is part of our unique combination of built-in productivity tools, together with Mail and Feed Reader. 😀

Vivaldi är nu tillgänglig på iOS

Ladda ner Vivaldi på din iPhone och iPad och njut av din favoritwebbläsare på alla enheter.

Få de senaste nyheterna i vårt iOS-nyhetsbrev.

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