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⚡Boost performance with Memory Saver

Reduce memory usage by automatically hibernating tabs that haven’t been used in a while. You can still manually hibernate Workspace or Tab Stack, if you prefer to manage it yourself.

The inactive tabs are still visible and can be reloaded at any time to pick up where you left off.

Head to Tabs in Vivaldi Settings, enable Memory Saver and free up memory from inactive pages.

📰 Vivaldi Feed Reader auto-detects feeds from websites

Feeds on popular sites like Reddit, GitHub, and YouTube are challenging to find. But because we’ve built the Feed Reader differently, it helps you discover more feeds on these sites.

You can follow subreddits and users on Reddit, as well as repository releases and commits on GitHub.

We really don’t decide or influence which sites you follow. So curate your news feed with updates from your favorite journalists, bloggers, creators, news organizations, and communities.


use seclection of tabs to create a Vivaldi workspace

🗂️ Create Workspaces with fewer clicks

Workspaces organize your tabs by category into separate workspaces and switch easily between them.

Now it is easier to create a new Workspace. Ctrl + click a few tabs (⌘ + click on macOS) and then right-click, and you can make a Workspace.

Tip: Using Tab Stacks (groups) and split-screen view within Workspaces makes working with tabs more fun and focused.


Windows Spilt screen view on Mac using Vivaldi browser

🖥️ Tile apps with window split view on Mac

Mac users, great news for you!

Tile apps with window split screen view into two sections, each displaying a different app. This addition works as a charm on a big screen.

Plus, try one of our most loved features, Tab Tiling, to view two or more tabs side-by-side. By tiling your tabs, you won’t have to switch tabs every few seconds – saving you time while keeping you up to date.


Export of passwords in the Vivaldi browser menu

🔑 Easily export passwords and feeds

You should be able to move your data between apps and services as you wish.

That is why we continue to provide you more freedom and control over your data by implementing data portability features.

Now you can export your Passwords and Feeds easily, in addition to Bookmarks, Speed Dials, Reading List, Notes, and logins, among other types of data.



Get Vivaldi on all your devices

Enjoy the flexibility of using Vivaldi across your iOS and Android devices. Securely sync your Vivaldi browser data across devices for a powerful, personal, and private browsing experience anytime, anywhere.

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