Vivaldi 5.7

👋 Windows Panel is here.

Easily move tabs between the tab bars of different windows, or even between tab stacks (groups) on different windows.

Search and filter tabs across all of your windows and tab stacks to find exactly what you’re after, instantly.

And even use it to quickly mass restore all closed tabs from the trash! How awesome is that?😍

Auto-mark your emails as read🎉

The built-in Vivaldi Mail gives you different states for your email – unseen, unread, and read. You can filter mails based on whether or not they have been read.

Marking something as fully „read“ is a manual process by default in Vivaldi and is certainly powerful. 

But some of you may prefer mail clients and webmail services automatically marking mail as read. Since Vivaldi adapts to your different needs, now you can auto-mark your mails as read. Convenient! 🙌

More power to Keyboard Shortcuts🤩

No magical powers are needed to deal with spam! Our customizable Keyboard Shortcuts do the job. 💪

If you are a keyboard warrior, you can now map your own shortcut to mark emails as spam, without having to use a mouse.

Vivaldi Social, our Mastodon instance, explained!

Our trusty software engineer and Mastodon aficionado Ruari Ødegaard has created a handy explainer on the ‚fediverse‘.

This tutorial covers Mastodon and our Mastodon instance, Vivaldi Social.

Along the way, he’ll give you a look at all the great things that we’re doing there. Join us!

Vivaldi 5.6

No more locked-in social networks. Say hi to 🐘

Almost all popular social media networks are controlled by large corporations.

Platforms like Mastodon, a distributed social media network based on open standards, help break down overarching control. No owner, no surveillance capitalism, and no tracking or profiling of users!

We’ve joined the Mastodon network with our own instance (server), Vivaldi Social, an alternative that’ll help you to take back control of your newsfeed – and your time.

What is Mastodon? Open standards? What’s our instance all about? Read more.

Connect to Mastodon from the Vivaldi Panel✨

We’ve integrated Mastodon into the Panel (sidebar)!

This is a browser first! 🙌

Now that Vivaldi Social, our Mastodon instance, is integrated into the sidebar, you can communicate with anyone on Mastodon whether they use Vivaldi or not. 

Plus, you can add any Mastodon instance of your choice as a Web Panel to this sidebar, creating a split-screen view. Easy.

Take a deep dive into Panels here. Oh! BTW, Panels are now included in the Editable Toolbars lineup. 👏

The signup process to Vivaldi Social is super easy 🙂

Open to everyone, Vivaldi Social is easy to get connected to. Head to to sign up for a free account.

Already have a login set up for Vivaldi Sync, Forum, or the Blogging platform? Sign in with your credentials and get an account on the fly on our Mastodon instance.

Note: Your account name has merely been reserved for you on Vivaldi Social. You are not signed up automatically but must opt-in to activate your account.

Pin up those Tab Stacks 😍

This is neat.

Just right-click on the Tab Stack (tab group) and select the pin option from the context menu and free up the space an entire stack uses on the tab bar. 

You can pin Tabs Stacks no matter how you prefer to use Tab Stacking – whether open in two rows (Two-level Tab Stacks), Accordion style, or Compact.

Learn and enjoy the glorious tab features here.

YOU have a new search engine 🔍

Because you prefer to use privacy-friendly search engines, we’ve added a new one. is now on our list of integrated default search engines.

For now, is only available for Vivaldi users in countries including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada. 

More on this here.

Say Hello to new shiny icons 🎉

The Settings Page is all revamped! And looks beautiful with more color for every category and its oh-so-cool feature icons. 🤩

Discover your favorite features more easily and quickly. (Or disable these new colors, if you prefer.)

Vivaldi Settings showcases a vast array of Vivaldi features. Check them out here.

Reading List on your Android.

Keep calm and carry on reading on phones, tablets, and even in cars. 📖🤩

To add a page to the Reading List, visit the article that you want to save and tap on the Vivaldi icon to view the app’s menu.

It’s easily accessible from the drop-down panel. Tap on the “Add Current Page” button to save it to your Vivaldi Reading List.

And you can also sync your Reading list across multiple Vivaldi devices. 🙌