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Fixes for recent regressions — Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.652.8

1 ноября, 2016

A small update with fixes for some recent regressions, including a fix for proprietary media for Windows 32-bit users without hardware acceleration.

Advanced tab dragging — Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.651.10

31 октября, 2016

Happy Monday! Today we have further improvements and polishing to tab drag and drop and a couple of crash fixes.

Chromecast support — Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.648.6

28 октября, 2016

As requested by many of you, we have enabled Chromecast support directly within the browser and fixed a range of other, smaller issues. Enjoy your weekend and expect more from us next week!

Reader view access options — Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.644.7

24 октября, 2016

We have focused on improvements to our new 1.5 features in today’s snapshot, meaning further enhancements to reader view and drag tabs between windows. We also fixed two of the most serious regressions from the last snapshot (focus issues and text blurriness), improved both the Windows installer and URL field and cleaned up some UI elements.

Engine update — Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.638.3

18 октября, 2016

The following is an update to our browser engine (Chromium). Such updates can cause new bugs and regressions in behaviour. Please compare it against the last snapshot and let us know if you see any new issues.

Reader Mode button and drag tabs between windows improvements — Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.633.3/16

14 октября, 2016

Today’s snapshot adds a new reader mode icon to the address field, improves tab dragging between windows, adds a few more settings and fixes some very annoying bugs!

Vivaldi Browser floppy disk

Snapshot 1.5.627.3 — Delta (small) updates for Windows

7 октября, 2016

A public test of our new «delta» based update system for Windows, meaning less data to be downloaded when upgrading to a new build of the Vivaldi browser.

Snapshot 1.5.626.8 — URL field enhancements, Vivaldi banners and a small update

6 октября, 2016

Today’s snapshot clears up a bunch of issues, with a particular focus on the URL field. There is also a «small update», which will become apparent in the next release.

Snapshot 1.5.618.8 — Drag tabs between windows and performance improvements

29 сентября, 2016

In today’s snapshot we provide the ability to drag tabs between windows. Unlike other browsers you can also drag tab stacks and tab selections. And of course, the old method via the context menu still works for those who prefer it. We have also improved theming performance by roughly 400%. This also improves browser startup time! If you haven’t used themes before, now is a great time to get started.

Snapshot 1.5.604.4 — Fix for HTML5 audio and video on Windows

14 сентября, 2016

Starting work on version 1.5 of Vivaldi, with a fix for HTML5 Audio and Video and a bunch more improvements. Check out the details of our latest Snapshot below.

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Спасибо, что загрузили браузер Vivaldi

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