Written by Maria Popova

QA Engineer at Vivaldi.

Keep calm and carry on fixing – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.12.953.8

7 сентября, 2017

Today’s Snapshot irons out some annoying bugs you’ve been telling us about.

Download Panel info toggle settings in Vivaldi

Two awesome new features – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.12.947.3

31 августа, 2017

Today’s Snapshot debuts two features you’ve asked us for – an info toggle for the Download Panel (yes, that includes download speed) and adjustable saturation for accent colors.

Mixed fruits

Sort Downloads by Type – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.12.941.3

24 августа, 2017

We bring you even more control over your downloads with the ability to sort them by type.

Abstract glass triangles

Minor update to Vivaldi 1.11

22 августа, 2017

Today’s minor update to Vivaldi 1.11 resolves some known problems and fixes the Netflix issue.

Netflix in Vivaldi

The Netflix fix – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.12.936.3

18 августа, 2017

Bingewatchers, rejoice! We’re kicking off the weekend by fixing Netflix in Vivaldi.

Hands holding coffee cups

First one for 1.12 – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.12.933.3

15 августа, 2017

Here comes our first 1.12 snapshot, hot on the heels of last week’s release of Vivaldi 1.11.

Second release candidate for Vivaldi 1.11

Vivaldi 1.11RC2 – Vivaldi browser Snapshot 1.11.917.35

8 августа, 2017

Today we roll out the second release candidate for 1.11 stable with some key improvements.

Thursday Fixes — Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.11.904.3

13 июля, 2017

Seems like summers and fixes go hand in hand. We have yet another snapshot which rolls out some more necessary fixes that will give you a steady browsing experience.

Minor update to Vivaldi 1.10

12 июля, 2017

Today we release a minor update to 1.10 with critical media fixes.

Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.11.901.3

Ahoy!! A fresh snapshot with critical media fixes and a brand-new icon is here — Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.11.901.3

10 июля, 2017

Today’s snapshot is no less than a summer treat for you with several improvements including some major media fixes.

Minor update to Vivaldi 1.10

6 июля, 2017

Today we release a minor update to 1.10, fixing a security and an IME issue, and the return of 32-bit Linux.

A few updates and a security fix — Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.11.894.3

3 июля, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! To kick off the week we have a new Snapshot for you with a few updates and a security fix.

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Спасибо, что загрузили браузер Vivaldi!

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