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Vivaldi bypasses restrictions to access Bing Chat. 😉

Like to try Bing Chat without using Microsoft Edge for that?

You can. We’ve taken additional steps for you to use it in Vivaldi.

Back in 2019, we were forced to change our User-Agent strings for better site compatibility. Now, some websites continue to block us based on their Client Hints.

We’d love to announce ourselves as Vivaldi, but the current state of the web makes this difficult. Therefore, we are masquerading as competitors to benefit our users.

Having to find workarounds for such issues have opened new possibilities which includes access to Bing Chat in Vivaldi.

Workspaces, getting better and better. 💪

We launched Workspaces. You loved them! After all, it’s a great option to tame your tab jungle.

And we continue to make it better. Now, you can drag and drop and rearrange different workspaces as per your preferences.

To get the most out of your ‘tabbed browsing’ experience, learn more about the new Workspaces.

Copy & share links from Tabs, and Tab Stacks. 😍

This is quick, cool, and convenient.

Want to share your hotel search or travel itinerary with a friend in a simple operation. Simply right-click a Tab Stack, multiple selected tabs, or on the Workspace in the workspace menu, and then click “Copy Links”.

There is no one way to use tabs! We give you lots of options. Discover them here.


Vivaldi on iOS is inching closer. 🍏👏

Right! That sounds nice.

Recently, the preview of our browser on iPhones and iPads was announced.

ICYMI, no worries! We are inviting more and more people to try the beta version as quickly as we can handle all the excellent feedback.

So don’t forget to sign up for the iOS newsletter to be notified when it becomes available.