Menu and Notes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1929.19

junho 5, 2020

Today’s snapshot continues to push us closer to final, and so includes fixes to the new 3.1 features, plus a minor Chromium bump.

Dark mode for web pages – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1935.3

junho 4, 2020

A nice new feature for today’s snapshot is one of our more frequent requests. Dark mode for web contents is here.

Stabilization for 3.1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1929.13

junho 3, 2020

Today’s snapshot focuses on fixes as we prepare for an update to our stable branch.

Regression fixes – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1929.3

maio 31, 2020

Today’s snapshot contains a few nice fixes for different bugs.

Fix for Windows media issues – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1929.3

maio 28, 2020

Today’s snapshot fixes the issue with videos on Windows (present in the last two snapshots), meaning that autoupdate can now be re-enabled.

Fixes for recent regressions and sync improvements – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1926.3

maio 26, 2020

This snapshot includes a number of regression fixes and sync improvements.

Configurable menus and full page notes manager – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1921.3

maio 20, 2020

Today’s snapshot introduces the two new features for the upcoming stable release, configurable menus and a new, more advanced notes manager.

Reload page when blocker level is changed – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1915.3

maio 16, 2020

This snapshot includes a further improvement to the blocker and an update to Chromium.

Double Chromium bump – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1916.3

maio 15, 2020

Today’s snapshot moves our snapshot stream to Chromium 83. With such a big engine upgrade, expect some regressions.

Post 3.0 updates – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1906.3

maio 6, 2020

Today’s snapshot moves our snapshot stream past stable and begins the work towards the next version.

A few small updates – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1905.3

maio 5, 2020

Here are a few fixes and a Chromium update in the beginning of the week.

Further blocker improvements and a Chromium update – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1893.3

abril 24, 2020

Today’s snapshot includes further fixes to the blocker and a Chromium update with security fixes.

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