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Najnowsze wiadomości, wskazówki i porady prosto od zespołu Vivaldi

Written by Maria Popova

QA Engineer at Vivaldi.

Status Bar Loading Info – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1594.4

Lipiec 2, 2019

Today’s snapshot adds loading info to the status bar and fixes a bunch of regressions.

Vivaldi 2.6 RC 3 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1566.38

Czerwiec 19, 2019

Today’s snapshot is the third release candidate for 2.6.

Control Tab Stacks even more and sync Bookmarks Bar – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1462.4

Luty 20, 2019

Today’s Snapshot has a couple of new features that give you more control over your tabs. Along with some nice fixes, this Snapshot is worth a test!

Minor update for Vivaldi 2.2

Grudzień 19, 2018

Today’s minor update to Vivaldi 2.2 resolves some regressions.

Minor update for Vivaldi 2.1

Listopad 13, 2018

Today we release a minor update to 2.1 to address some known regressions and Chromium security fixes.

Vivaldi 2.1 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1337.20

Październik 22, 2018

Today’s snapshot is the first release candidate for 2.1.

Minor update (4) for Vivaldi 1.15

Sierpień 7, 2018

Today we release a minor update to 1.15 with security fixes.

Regression fixes, and crash fixes for developer tools – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1259.3

Sierpień 1, 2018

It’s the first day of August and we’ve got a new Snapshot, focusing on fixing as many regressions as we can, to give you a polished and stable release.

The Tab Cycler in Vivaldi browser

List layout for visual tab cycler – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1246.7

Lipiec 23, 2018

In this Snapshot, we’re continuing to add options to some of our most popular features: a list layout to the visual tab cycler, settings for focus-based panel auto collapse and tiling new tabs in a tab stack. We also found the time to add a new privacy-conscious search engine, and fixed 10 regressions!

Minor update (3) for Vivaldi 1.15

Lipiec 2, 2018

Today’s minor update to Vivaldi 1.15 resolves a multi-window crash problem.