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Vivaldi Mail 2.0

For you to get the best experience of Vivaldi Mail, we have enabled prefetching by default with the update to 2.0. From this version, the default behavior will be to automatically download the last 30 days’ worth of emails, and retrieve all messages visible on the screen. This will optimize search in your inbox by allowing you to search for any part of a message. It will also let you see a preview of the messages in your inbox, even when offline. You will be able to select different intervals for prefetching to match your own needs.

Drafted email reply in Vivaldi Mail using the new Quick Reply feature.

Get conversations going with Quick Reply

For Vivaldi Mail 2.0 we have added the possibility to quickly reply to mails from a textbox right at the bottom of the email pane. Quick Reply is perfect for those fast, short replies, and feels like using an instant messenger. By removing the need to switch screens to open the compose window, this feature allows you to respond to emails quicker.

Undo menu in Vivaldi Mail.

Undo actions for those “whoops” moments

The new undo feature in Vivaldi Mail 2.0 will track up to 200 of your most recent trashed or mark read actions, allowing you to undo any of them with just one click. 

Display real-time tab memory usage

From 6.8 you can hover over any tab to see how much memory it’s using in real-time. Unlike some other browsers that only show the initial memory load, we keep it updated for you. This tooltip is on by default and will also tell you if a tab is hibernating.

Address Field drop-down menu displaying suggestions, including the option to switch to an already open tab.

Address Field Updates

When you start typing a URL and it’s already open in a different tab, you will now see a Tab Switch feature. Simply select the Switch to Tab button near it and open the existing tab containing the same URL. You will also see that the web page title is in the left column and then the URL in the right column. 

Import Chrome Extensions

You can now import extensions from other Chromium-based browsers to Vivaldi. The extensions will be imported in a disabled state and after importing, you’re redirected to the page: vivaldi://extensions/ where you can manually decide what extensions you’d like to enable.

YouTube open in Vivaldi in the background and content blocking menu open on top.

Ad blocker updates

For the newest version of Vivaldi on desktop, we’ve also made improvements to the built-in Tracker and Ad Blocker. We made a number of underlying changes to how our ad blocker works to make it more effective. We are continuously working on improving our Tracker and Ad Blocker, as our end goal is to make it the only blocker you need.

Break Mode enabled in Vivaldi browser.

Catch a breath with Break Mode

Break Mode mutes audio, and hides tabs, panels, and content, leaving you with a button in the middle of your screen. For 6.8 we’ve made this button contract and expand in a pattern that simulates guided breathing, for you to catch a breath. When you’re ready, resume browsing exactly where you left off by pressing play.

Creating a new Workspace using Quick Commands.

Workspaces Quick Command

Not sure how 5 tabs turned into 50 in the same window? You can now use a new Quick Command to create a Workspace from a few tabs you select. Simply select the tabs  > F2 / ⌘ E  >  Type Create New Workspace and you’ll now have a new Workspace with the selected tabs.

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