Vivaldi 4.0

Wow, Vivaldi Translate is here.

You asked for it and you’ve got it!🎉

Translate web pages fast and privately with just one tap, or even less.

Powered by Lingvanex, Vivaldi Translate is a rare feature in mobile browsers.😉

Tap on the menu, to choose a different language and manage your preferences.

Login using your favorite password manager.

Even though you can save your account logins in the Vivaldi browser, we know many of you use dedicated password manager apps.

Now we support the use of these external apps. Just make sure to enable Autofill service for your preferred password manager in Android’s settings. 🔑

Switch Search Engines with one tap.

Did you know that you could switch between Search Engines by using the Search Engine’s Nicknames?

Well, yes, you could. 😎

Now we have another option. Switch between search engines by tapping the search engine’s icon, just below the search field. 🙌

They have arrived!😍

Great news. The Beta of Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Calendar, and Vivaldi Feed Reader is now in the stable version of Vivaldi.🎉

Check out these powerful built-in tools and manage your emails, daily schedule, and news feed conveniently in the browser.💪

Vivaldi 3.8

The new version on Android changes the app’s language independent of your OS settings, blocks annoying cookie dialogs, and adds quick options to access the Start Page.

Language Switcher

The browser’s user interface language is no longer dependent on your phone’s language. 👏

Change the language in Vivaldi menu > Settings > General.

Get rid of annoying cookie banners

Browse fast by blocking cookie dialogs and banners with Cookie Crumbler, a new built-in feature.🍪

Simply enable “Remove cookie warnings“ lists in Ad Blocker Sources.

So long cookies!👋 We shall not miss you.

Start Page menu button

Wish to access the Start Page quickly from the Address Bar?

There is now an option — „Show Start Page Icon in Address Bar“ when the Address Bar is located at the bottom.  

Toggle it on and off from the Vivaldi menu > Settings > Appearance.

Easy. 😎

When a browser gives you features… we make videos! 🎬🎥

We are on YouTube. 🙌