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Multi-windows support in vivaldi browser on iOS

🗔 View multiple Vivaldi windows on your iPad

On iPad, Vivaldi offers you a more desktop-like experience.

Now, you can get more done. Open and view multiple Vivaldi windows on your screen. We have also enabled more iPad features like always-on-top Slide Over Mode.

You can resize them to your liking and manage them with a tap, drag, or swipe.

📋 Get your Notes sorted

Take note of our built-in Notes functionality it’s unique and lets you jot things down while browsing the same app.

Now, you can sort your Notes in ascending or descending order according to different criteria, such as by title, creation date, last-change date, and more.

Access Notes in the Panel at the screen’s bottom left corner and sort or reorder them according to your preference.

📑 More sorting! Now with your Bookmarks

Is your browser bookmark list a long and cluttered mess? Not anymore.

Manage your bookmarks by sorting your favorite websites and bookmarks according to their title, address, description, nickname, and kind (folders first).

You can also manually sort bookmarks by selecting the edit button at the bottom right corner and dragging and moving each item to its intended place.

🕶️ Force Dark Mode in Auto Mode

Love the dark mode

Now, Force Dark Theme automatically designs a dark mode color scheme for websites that have not designed one for you.

You can still enable Force Dark Theme for all web pages by setting your color preference to dark.

Memory Saver in Vivaldi browser

⚡️ Boost performance on your desktop

Tired of those random browser crashes ruining your gaming or video streaming?

Try the Memory Saver that helps reduce memory usage by automatically hibernating tabs that haven’t been used in a while.

Upgrade your desktop browsing experience with the new Vivaldi on desktop. Get more details here.