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Hindustan Times | Vivaldi: This feature-rich customisable browser is for power users

novembre 23, 2017

Vivaldi is a desktop browser that focuses extensively on customisation. Users can change almost every aspect of the browser, whether it has to do with look and feel, adding quick notes, or defining customised keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures.

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MacRumors |Vivaldi Web Browser 1.13 for Power Users Gains New Multi-Tab Management Features

novembre 22, 2017

In line with the Norwegian-based team’s aim to make Vivaldi the most feature-rich and customizable browser available to power users, the developers have created the new Window Panel.

Reuters | Founder of web browser Opera and Vivaldi says worried about online privacy

novembre 10, 2017

People should worry about online data collection by technology companies because it gives them unparalleled insight into users lives, said Jon von Tetzchner, founder of Opera and Vivaldi browser.

ITPRO | Jon von Tetzchner: let’s retake the web with regulation

novembre 8, 2017

Opera and Vivaldi founder says the government needs to protect individuals from the worst excesses of tech firms.

Dark Reading | Opera, Vivaldi Co-Founder Talks Internet Privacy

octobre 25, 2017

Most people don’t understand the extent to which their personal information is at risk, says Jon von Tetzchner, who founded the Opera and Vivaldi browser firms.

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Digital Journal | Op-Ed: Vivaldi’s new version 1.12 browser worth trying

octobre 23, 2017

I downloaded Vivaldi 1.12 and it has performed flawlessly on every task so I have made it the default browser on one of my computers.

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Ghacks | Vivaldi 1.12 update brings usability improvements

septembre 21, 2017

Vivaldi 1.12 ships with three new features that improve the usability of the browser, and add functionality to it.

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Computerworld | Vivaldi med fotoinfo (Norwegian language)

septembre 21, 2017

Vivaldi-folkene legger stor vekt på å kunne innfri ønskene til avanserte brukere, og den nye funksjonen som gjør det lett å justere fargetonene i temafargene på et nettsted, er et godt eksempel på dette.

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TechRepublic | How to use Vivaldi’s Page Actions feature for a better browsing experience

août 15, 2017

Vivaldi contains a feature that other browsers require numerous extensions to match. Page Actions is an option you will quickly grow dependent on.

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Digital Journal | Vivaldi gets a new logo and improved reader mode in latest update

août 15, 2017

Vivaldi’s latest update is a step closer to the browser’s aim to « make the Internet accessible for all. »

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