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Vivaldi browser feature requests poll

Help us prioritise which features should be included in Vivaldi by responding to a short poll. Pick your top three features!

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for testing Vivaldi and giving us valuable feedback so far! We are excited about the response we are getting every week for our snapshot release.

Our current focus is to fix as many issues as we can as quickly as we could possibly fix.

There are also many features we want to implement but we have gotten many feature requests through various channels. So, we compiled a list of all requested features and made a very quick survey to get your feedback. This would help us better prioritise our work.

So, please take a minute to go through the list and pick 3 features you missed the most.
Survey is available here.

Take the Survey

Note: previously the list was twice as large, but we removed what’s already implemented as well as « In progress » status. Also, we did not include few features that cannot be implemented in the nearest future for some reasons or another.

Good luck!

Ilya Shpankov
Written by Ilya Shpankov

Have been working on browsers marketing during the last 12 years. Started in Vivaldi in 2013, working as Marketing, Localisation and Community manager.


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