Have a look at the banspying.org site, which includes a not-your-typical cat video. 🐱

Help us raise awareness about the hazards of Big Tech’s targeted profiling and surveillance advertising.

Care about your privacy? Share this video message as much as you can. 🙏

Vivaldi 5.2

Privacy Statistics! An eye-opener!👀

Do you know, how many trackers and ads actually follow you? 😱

Run a convenient reality check on the number of trackers and ads being blocked from profiling you right at the entry point of the Start Page itself.

Bon voyage! Get your Reading List ready in Vivaldi’s sidebar. ✈️

View and manage the stories you wish to read from Vivaldi’s trendsetting slide-out sidebar (Panel). 

📖 Now you can search, filter, sort, and organize your stories easily in the Reading List Panel.

Smart tip: Add more pages to your Reading List through Quick Commands, assigned Keyboard Shortcuts, and Mouse Gestures.

Sync to tune your Reading List. 📖

Having a Reading List is great, but syncing it across devices is a bonus. 

Enjoy reading on your desktop and sync your reading progress even on-the-go across all your synced devices including Vivaldi on Android phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and cars.

Just sign in with a Vivaldi Account to securely synchronize your data with end-to-end encryption across multiple devices including cars.

Vivaldi newsletters! Only $0!

Yes, those words are all real and true. 😍

Don’t believe us? Find out yourself and join a fun, informative, and friendly ride about the browser you love! 💖

We even have a 🇩🇪German newsletter to keep in touch with you. Lieblich!

Vivaldi 5.1

Let’s go horizontal scrolling! 🎿

Enjoy having more tabs open without them shrinking, with new Scrollable Tabs.

Navigate tabs by scrolling your mouse or using the arrows on the left and right of the tabs. 

Another way to view your tabs is to long-press the arrows to get a full list of your tabs.

And tip a friend who loves to hoard tabs! 😍

Another reason to love Vivaldi. 💖

Horizontal Scrollable Tabs let you scroll when working with two levels of tab stacks.

We love it and think you will too! 👏

Oh! BTW, did you know? The Fast Company has called Vivaldi’s Two-level Tab Stacks the most ingenious idea that makes a web browser.🔥

Here’s your Reading List. 📖

Save and easily keep track of pages to read later.

And it’s built-in. No service signup is required and is easily configurable under Settings  → Address Bar →  Reading List. 

Click the book icon at the extreme right of the Address Bar. In the small popup menu, select Add Current Page to the Reading List.

More? Add more pages to your Reading List through Quick Commands – “Add Page to Reading List”, assigned Keyboard Shortcuts, and Mouse Gestures. 😻

Quick Settings Panel in Start Page 😎

Find a Quick Setting Panel, right at the entry point of the Start Page itself. Smart!

Simply click on the Settings button at the top right and get the most common settings related to the Start Page.

Go wild! Choose background images from the default options, pick your favorites from Themes Gallery, change the appearance of your Speed Dials and more!

Remember, every Start Page is uniquely yours. 🤗