Vivaldi 3.6

Customizable web pages, a built-in QR scanner, improved Speed Dials, and support for external download managers arrive in Vivaldi on Android and Chromebooks.

Change the look of your web page.

Bored with how your web page looks? Now get Page Actions that allow you to select predefined filters and actions to modify the appearance of any web page.
Page Actions improve accessibility, make websites easier to read, and generally display web pages the way you want.

Prefer Size Medium? Now have medium-sized Speed Dials

Access your favorite sites and organize bookmarks quickly with Medium-sized Speed Dials. Freshly added to the existing layout for you to view and choose from.

Go to “Settings – Start Page – Medium Speed Dials” and select your preferred Start Page view.

Easier download with external download managers

You rely on your browser to access many resources available online. Now with added support for external download managers, you can download resources in Vivaldi with more options such as multithreaded downloading, queuing, and more.

QR scanner in a touch-free world

QR Code provides the information instantly without typing the URL on your device.

The QR Code Scanner on Android will help you will go directly to a webpage, menu, payment screen, app, or offer specific information unique to the code.

Vivaldi Beta 2 for Android in dark mode

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Vivaldi 3.5

Vivaldi on Android steps up privacy protection. Includes sorting of Notes and Bookmarks.

Privacy. Auto-clear data on exit. Disable WebRTC

Clear session browsing data on exit

Get more control of your data and browsing history. “Clear session browsing data on exit”. This means you can choose to remove selected browsing data every time you exit the browser.

Sort and Reorder Notes feature in Vivaldi on Android.

Sorting of Notes and Bookmarks

Sort notes according to different criteria such as by title, by the date of creation, or even by content.

Access Notes in the Panel at the bottom left corner of the screen. Simply tap on the top right of the screen in the Notes function, sort or reorder Notes as per your preference.

Disable WebRTC Broadcast IP for better privacy

You can easily disable Broadcast IP for best WebRTC performance and protect your privacy in situations where you use an anonymizing (privacy)VPN.

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Vivaldi has more features, not less. Vivaldi does not track you. Your data is none of our business.

Everything is an option. You choose how Vivaldi works, what features to use, and how it looks. This is your browser, after all.