Vivaldi 4.3

Keep Tabs on! 🥳

Now change the tabs within a stack while browsing.

The Tab Stack Toolbar debuts in this version, appearing when you have grouped tabs into stacks but don’t have the Tab Bar activated. 😻

Sync along, better! 😄

Now more intuitive, the revamped Sync has a polished appearance and improved account setup and recovery. 🔏

Go to Sync settings to download a backup encryption key which can help you recover your browser data should you ever forget the encryption password. 🗝

Wow! Vivaldi Translate supports 108 languages. 🎉

With 68 new languages added to Vivaldi Translate, more people worldwide can access the web in their language, read translated web pages and selected texts — safely and securely.

This is a rare feature for Vivaldi on Android, as most mobile browsers do not offer this functionality, and, if they do, your translation activities aren’t private. 👏

Powered by Lingvanex, the translation engine is hosted on Vivaldi servers in Iceland.

No more ’Idle’! 🚫

Want more privacy and peace of mind while browsing?

You have it. 🤗 Google’s Idle API can be abused for behavioral tracking so we’ve turned it off by default on both desktop and Android versions of Vivaldi.

Unlike Chrome, Vivaldi does not even allow a website to ask. Their requests are denied by default.

Vivaldi 4.2

Tweaked and Tuned…. 🔨

….and better than before. 🥳

We’ve tinkered with the app and fixed some rough edges. Vivaldi is fresh, new, and shiny! ✨

Just as you thought things couldn’t get more private. 🔏

👋Friends in the United States, we’ve got a new, privacy-friendly search engine for you.

Get Neeva as a default option for a totally ad-free search experience, now on both desktop and Android. 😍

Share links to another app ? 🤔

Yes, that is possible.🙌

Just tap on the Vivaldi Menu Icon and share. (Vivaldi menu > Share)

Rightly said: Sharing is caring. 🤗

📢Hold the caffeine, please.

Coz we have the Cinnamon. 😂

Linux folks! We became the default browser on the Arch-based Linux distribution Manjaro’s Cinnamon edition. 🐧