Address bar performance improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.4

Today’s snapshot resolves numerous regressions, improves the performance of the address bar for users with history set to forever, and includes a minor Chromium bump.

Known Issues

  • Tab-tiling breaks various features of Vivaldi: e.g. Find in page (VB-51831)
  • The text input field on is misaligned after arriving via redirect: Appears to be related to detection of our user agent (VB-51893)

Download (1525.4)


  • [Regression] „Add Active Tab“ in bookmark folder missing VB-40035
  • [Regression] Bookmarks are gone after update VB-51758
  • [Regression] Can not use backspace in Homepage settings VB-51843
  • [Regression] Find-in-page word counter can be overlapped by search text VB-51939
  • [Regression][Extensions] Menu doesn’t completely appear after visiting extension settings VB-51933
  • [Regression][Speed Dial] Animation of updating thumbnails don’t show VB-51746
  • [Regression][Sync] Sometimes sync ends up in a non confirmed state VB-51943
  • [Regression][Mac] Users are not prompted for upgrade automatically VB-52060
  • [Regression][Win][Linux] Vivaldi icon becomes invisible when tab bar is not displayed VB-51847
  • [Address Bar] Typed search history widths are bit off VB-51950
  • [Address Bar] Sluggish with history set to forever VB-51937
  • [Address Bar] Scheme is lost when loading URL for second time VB-51547
  • [Keyboard] Untile Tabs Shortcut Does not work on a selection VB-47613
  • [Keyboard] Change strings „Move active tab left/right“ for vertical tab bar VB-39916
  • [Linux][Media] Proprietary media help is not useful on Debian systems that do not have cURL installed VB-52158
  • [Mac] No context menu inside folders on bookmarks bar VB-52030
  • [Mac] Confirm dialog when closing window with several tabs not implemented VB-49217
  • [Mac] Vivaldi cannot switch language properly VB-51874
  • [Menus] Option „View → Show status bar“ does not have check icon (when enabled) VB-49481
  • [Mouse gesture] settings listbox reduces its size to content VB-52070
  • [Reader] Button is not shown on session restore VB-47244
  • [Speed Dial] Add search engine favicon to search box VB-51081
  • [Settings] Option to disable domain expansion VB-32435
  • [Settings] Strings for reader mode overflow in some languages VB-50986
  • [Sync] Fix the formatting of countdown component VB-51196
  • [Sync] Allow login with Vivaldi email address VB-47390
  • [Tabs] Active tiled tab blinks when switching tabs VB-50220
  • [Tabs] When pushing tabs to the edge, do not pad tab stack indicators VB-51945
  • [Tabs] New tab button can react while not adding a tab VB-51436
  • [Tabs] Focus issue for zoom in tiled tabs VB-21832
  • [UI] Vivaldi exited in fullscreen starts up in fullscreen VB-50083
  • Upgraded Chromium to 74.0.3729.113

Main photo by Pixabay

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